Tricks with aluminum foil that you did not know, in addition to the 3 balls and the washing machine

In addition to its power to preserve food, aluminum foil has many other uses that are often unknown and that we will try to summarize so that you get the most out of it.

Aluminum foil is mainly used for wrap food thanks to its great ability to combat light and humidity, as well as to avoid bad odors. In addition, in our recipes it can be a great ally to prepare numerous healthy dishes.

Foil Tricks You Didn't Know About

As we have told in this section on occasion, we can put aluminum foil balls in the washing machine during laundry to get end static electricity of clothes.

Its power to withstand high temperatures makes it a fundamental element in the application of hair highlights. Surely you have seen it in more than one hairdresser since, despite the innovation in dyes and shampoos, this is a practice that is still very common.

Sharpen scissors? Yes, with aluminum foil you will get your scissors look new. To do this, cut a piece of aluminum foil and fold it several times. Then cut that piece several times, you will see the results.

Another of the uses that we can give it is the iron cleaning. It involves passing the iron over a piece of aluminum foil on which we have previously sprinkled salt. Iron it and you’re done.

And if you want iron faster, place aluminum foil on the griddle. You can iron both sides of the garment at the same time, since the heat will be reflected.

Foil Tricks You Didn't Know About

It is also a good ally for clean the pots. To do this, we will make an aluminum ball and add a little detergent inside the pot. Then we will rub until it is perfect.

Aluminum foil can be used as insecticide also. It is enough to put a little on the plants so that the insects stop coming.

If you have run out zip lock bags To store food, you can make one out of aluminum foil. To do this, place the aluminum where you want to seal and pass the iron over it.

The cutlery it can shine with just a little aluminum foil. Put a piece of paper in the bottom of a container and add salt and water. Then put the cutlery in the jar and leave it for a while. Once dry, we will rub them with a cloth or cotton and that’s it.

Despite the need to reduce the consumption of aluminum foil due to the large amount of waste that we generate each year with this product, the truth is that aluminum is a material that does not lose its properties and can be recycled as many times as is wanted. Remember that it must be deposited in the yellow container to be able to be recycled.