Tricks to recover your faded clothes

As we have all been told at some time: “dirty clothes don’t wash by themselves”. But modern life is very complex, with so many obligations and plans, little time we have (or we leave) for housework. This causes that, sometimes, we are not as careful as we should and we commit recklessness. Among them there is a classic: put the washing machine with colorfast clothes.

If that has been your case, it is most likely that you have encountered a disaster, and that the clothes of lighter tones come out like a Picasso painting. But don’t worry, there are some tricks with which you can patch up the damage and return your garments to their original condition.

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Tricks to recover your faded clothes

To start with yeah the clothes with the fade stains are white, you will be in luck. And it is that almost always it is arranged with Bleach. Although before using it, you must make sure that it is not a delicate garment and that it admits the use of this type of aggressive products. If so, you just have to do a mix of eight parts water to one part bleach Y immerse the garment during 15 minutes. Then, rinse it and put it in the washing machine along with the rest of the white clothes.

Also the technique of dilute ammonia It is very effective to recover your dyed white garments, immersing them in diluted ammonia for 20 minutes. Once you take them out, you will have to lay them out in the sun to get the best result.

For the rest of the color garment, these are the best tricks:

  • Eggshells: dip your garment in eggshells. Yes, you read it right. Eggshells are very effective in removing these types of stains. All you have to do is prepare a container with boiling water and egg shells, and after letting it rest for a couple of minutes, dip the garment in the water until it is covered. The run-in color will go away instantly. After about 10 minutes, take the garment out, being careful not to burn yourself, and wash it in the washing machine as you normally do.
  • Water with salt: To fade your stained clothes, you just have to put your damaged clothes in a saucepan with water, salt and ice. Cover the garment completely with ice and remove it after a few minutes.
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  • Cold milk: Fill a pot with cold milk, ideally from the fridge, and submerge the affected garment for hours. Every 3 hours you can change the milk for new milk and you will see how the stains are slowly disappearing.
  • Laurel and baking soda: Another trick that will help you get your clothes back is to boil water with bay leaf and a few teaspoons of baking soda. Once the water cools, strain it to remove the leaves and submerge the garment in the infusion. Leave it on as long as necessary until the stain disappears.
  • Unpeeled potatoes: As strange as it may seem, it is the most accessible and easy solution to carry out. All you have to do is boil the faded garments in a saucepan with a handful of unpeeled potatoes. Even if you don’t peel them, we recommend washing them beforehand. When the clothes have been boiling for a while, you will see that the run-in color is disappearing.

ATTENTION! Before using any of these tricks read carefully the label of your clothes, since many materials do not withstand high temperatures and would not withstand the heat of the water, as occurs with garments made with synthetic fabrics or wool.

Also, not all tissues respond in the same way to these techniques. Some shades penetrate the fibers more than others and it is impossible to recover the original color. In such cases, the best alternative is to dye the garment to a darker tone that helps you camouflage the problem so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite clothes without stains or discolorations.

What do we do if we can’t remove the fading?

Anyway, the surefire technique is to find out if a garment is going to fade. We can know this by putting it under a stream of hot water and rubbing it with a little soap. If the foam turns the color of the garment you will know that you must take additional precautions when washing that garment, if the foam remains normal you will know that you can put it without problems in the washing machine along with the rest of your clothes.

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