Tricks to prevent the appearance of tartar on the teeth

Tartar is one of the main rivals to beat a perfect teeth. Also known as calculus or dental tartar, tartar is a bacterial plaque that appears on the teeth, more specifically above the gum line, and which hardens due to mineral deposit, easily visible and that acquires a brown or yellowish color that dulls your smile.

However, its presence does not only affect the aesthetic field. Tartar too can lead to more serious conditions such as cavities or gum disease because, being porous, absorbs bacteria Very easily. Fortunately, a visit to the dentist can quickly end it through a process known as root scaling. However, to prevent the formation of tartar again, you can also follow some very useful guidelines.

Goodbye to the tartar of your teeth

The dentist can remove tartar

In addition to brush your teeth properly, if possible with a paste that controls the appearance of tartar and a minimum of three times a day, and floss, there are other methods to keep this enemy of your oral health at bay.

  • As in most cases, food can be of great help. In this case, some ingredients of daily consumption have the power to prevent the accumulation of tartar, since clean the surface of the teeth during the chewing process. We are talking about the apple, the carrot, the raisins, the celery or the orange. Foods that you can eat raw and are rich in fiber.

  • In this sense, sugar is the main sustenance for bacteria that accumulate on your teeth. Therefore, reducing its presence in the diet, you will slow down the appearance of tartar.

  • On the contrary, some harmful habits, which you must eradicate for the sake of your teeth, increase the risk of appearance. Especially tobacco, as it contributes to hardening of plaque.

  • Did you know bleeding gums also favors the spread of bacterial plaque? This common problem can be avoided by using soft, rounded bristle brushes, not exerting too much force when brushing and making circular movements. Also, you should change your brush every three months.

  • And of course the help from a professional It is essential, especially because it is an asymptomatic problem, that is, sometimes it is not seen with the naked eye. The dentist should make you proper cleaning periodically to prevent tartar build-up on teeth.