Tricks to make your house smell good

Now that because of the coronavirus pandemic we must remain confined to our homes, it is very important that these smell better than ever so that we can cope with the quarantine as comfortably as possible. For this it is not necessary to resort to the usual sprays or air fresheners that sometimes produce a smell too strong or last a very short time.

If you do not want to have so much chemical element floating in the environment, there are other simple and ingenious solutions possible, which are based on taking advantage of the discreet and pleasant smell that natural elements have, which we have nearby, although we do not notice them.

home smell good without chemicals

The importance of ventilating the house also in winter

It is the first step to make your home smell good. The simple gesture of opening the windows to let in fresh air is not only the easiest way to reduce or eliminate bad odors, but also an important measure for health. The indoor air must be renewed to favor, from the release of the carbon dioxide that our respiration generates, to the elimination of the invisible suspended particles that may exist, without forgetting the importance of ventilation when avoiding humidity and air unmistakable smell that it generates.

In summer we have it easy, but in winter it is also important to maintain this habit. Allow entry of outside air for 10 – 15 minutes, gives the home a fresher and healthier air. Ventilate every morning, for that short period of time (to prevent the cold and possible pollution from penetrating excessively), is a good measure even for people who may have an allergy to mites (to dust), since, as indicated in the Spanish Society of Clinical Immunology, Allergology and Pediatric Asthma (SEICAP) the sun’s rays and the absence of humidity reduce the presence of those mites responsible for multiple allergies.

house smell good

What plants can be your best natural air fresheners?

They are not just a nice and cheerful decorative element, in a clean and ventilated home, some of them can discreetly but constantly spill their fragrance, becoming the best and most natural air freshener possible.

You have a multitude of flowering plants that can be grown indoors, bearing in mind that most will require a bright place when placing them. Among those with the most intense perfume stand out gardenias and jasmine, which can be perfect in a living room. Also the orchid and the purple they give off a pleasant aroma, much softer. If you want a light, relaxing scent that evokes nature itself, the lavender it is ideal for your home.

Nor should we forget the powerful smell of many aromatic plants that we use as a condiment in many dishes. Some pots of rosemary, basil, mint, thyme, bay leaf … your kitchen needs little more to have its own aroma without a single air freshener.

house smell good without chemicals

Other «scented» ideas that work too

More and more people are turning to natural options to make their home smell good. Among the many uses that essential oils offer, using them to scent different rooms is an excellent idea. As simple as acquiring the one with your favorite fragrance: rose, geranium, lavender, eucalyptus … and use it as you prefer. You can place a few drops in a small container open, reduce it (if you want) with another oil such as olive or almond oil, and place it in a strategic place, for example, under the beds. It also gives an excellent result spread it on the surface of some wooden object (some sticks, buckets …) that you can put wherever you want, even inside the cabinets so that the clothes smell great. For small spaces, such as drawers of any furniture, the lifelong trick of storing a pill of that soap that smells so good it remains as simple as it is effective a remedy.

If what you want is for your house to have a fresh and almost neutral aroma, citrus peels are your best ally. You just have to let it marinate, at least one day lemon peels (the more the merrier) in water and have a bottle with spray in which you can pour your particular and healthy air freshener. The «invention» will be especially good for you to eliminate bad odors coming from the kitchen, for example, from the sink drain. A few touches of water with lemon or orange and the environment will change radically.

house smell good

The scented candles They are also a possibility to make your house smell good in a matter of minutes, but remember that you should always have enough vigilance over them to avoid any accident caused by fire. They can be very good for a specific moment (romantic dinner?) but not for daily.

Finally, another possible idea is to do sachets with dried flowers and seeds that they will preserve and spread their good smell for many months wherever you place them. Lavender, anise beans, cloves, rose leaves, lemon balm … The best thing about this idea is that you can try until you get the aroma that you like the most for personalize your home.