Tricks to have the shower curtain always clean

The humidity and steam so present in the bathroom work against us in order to have the shower curtain in perfect condition, so special care must be taken in its maintenance. If we don’t, It is easy for mold spots to appear, a fungus that finds the best place to grow in humid places. Fighting it is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also a health issue. Contact with mold spores can cause health problems such as allergic reactions or asthma attacks in sensitive people. Additionally, exposure to mold can cause irritation to the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs.

Therefore, in addition to washing them regularly in the washing machine, There are a series of tips that we can follow to take maximum care of them and ensure that they are always perfect:

Rinse it after each use

After taking a shower, There may be traces of soap or shampoo on the curtain, so we must rinse it well before leaving of the bathtub and thus we avoid future stains in addition to eliminating any hair or particles that may be there.

Stretch it to dry

When we get out of the shower we must get used to extending it completely to make it dry faster and there are no folds since it is there where the humidity is accumulated and the appearance of mold spots is easier. Also, once the curtain is no longer leaking, it is always better to put it outside the bathtub so that the bottom of the curtain can ventilate well.

By the way, Let’s not forget to slide the curtain smoothly, without pulling, So as not to end up damaging the fabric or the rings and the rod with which we hold it.

Tricks to have the shower curtain always clean

Ventilate the bathroom

Another habit that we must adopt for optimal maintenance of the shower curtain is to make it easier for moisture and steam to disappear for faster drying. For it, We will open the windows or leave the door wide open until there are no traces of steam.

Tricks to have the shower curtain always clean

Wash it regularly

And, as we said at the beginning, It is also necessary to wash the curtain in the washing machine every month to get it in perfect condition. When it comes to drying it, the most practical thing is to place it in its place, but if we prefer to hang it, we must avoid direct sunlight so that it does not lose color.

And if there are already stains on the curtain

Before putting it in the washing machine, it is best to rub the stains with a soft brush and vinegar dissolved in water (bleach also works great for removing mold stains).