Tricks to fix holes, cracks and chips in the wall

Our walls suffer more than we imagine. Picture holes, bumps with furniture, cracks that appear due to changes in temperature … But how can we fix them in an easy and simple way? Take note of the tricks that we are going to give you below to repair the walls of the house without problems.

Dowel holes

If you are going to move and your landlady has gone into a rage when she sees how you have studded walls or you are going to paint your house and there are holes everywhere, the first thing you have to do is finish it by covering them, something that is so simple like having a little putty on hand.

This material will help us to eliminate stud holes, small bumps, as well as shallow cracks.

It is enough to fill the hole with this material with the help of a spatula and let it dry. It usually dries quite quickly and allows you to sand it to a perfect finish.

In the case of dowel holes, if you don’t want to spend a lot of putty filling it, first insert a piece of paper or a little plasticine and cover the rest with the putty.

In the event that the wall is made of I dribbledTo ensure that the repaired space is not noticeable, we recommend using a repair spray once the putty has been sanded.

Tricks to fix holes, cracks and chips in the wall Photo: bigstock

Deep holes

When the area to be repaired is deep and large, it is advisable to use a plaste, which we can make ourselves with water, or buy it already mixed.

There are different types on the market depending on the use that we are going to give it, since a filling plaste is not the same as a fixing or finishing plaster, for example.

Depending on the type of plaste we are using, the layer will be more or less thick.

What’s more, be careful with the quantities since an excess of water will make it not very resistant and a lack could cause it to crack once dry.

In the event that the hole is in a plasterboard wall, the only solution will be to insert a piece of plasterboard layer, which will be adhered with fiberglass tape and we will then apply finishing putty.


Building settlements, temperature changes or any other cause can cause cracks in the walls.

The best way to repair it is inserting the edge of the spatula and opening the crack in the shape of a ‘V’. Next, we will introduce putty inside and we will put a glass tape once it’s dry. Finally, we will apply finishing putty again on the tape and sand.