Tricks to clean the computer keyboard

From time to time a study is published that shows the large amount of bacteria that can be found in items that we use daily such as mobile phones or, in the case at hand, the keyboard of our computer or laptop. And it is logical because our hands go through its keys every day and they are one of the parts of the body that can be more contaminated. Therefore, cleaning should be a priority for our health in addition to extending its useful life with proper maintenance. Let’s see different routines to take care of our keyboard:

The first step may attract our attention due to its simplicity, but it is what they recommend on all specialized computer websites. Consists in start by turning the keyboard over and gently shaking it to get any dirt out. By the way, before starting to clean our keyboard it is necessary to have the equipment turned off and unplugged to avoid any unwanted damage.

Tricks to clean the computer keyboard

Another option to remove accumulated dust or dirt on the keyboard is clean it with a clean, dry cloth and a little alcohol or disinfectant liquid. Preferably do not use kitchen paper because with the humidity it can break and remain on the keyboard. And, especially emphasize that use a small amount of alcohol to avoid damaging the equipment This is especially relevant if we use a laptop since we have to take into account that the most sensitive part is just under the keyboard, so we must prevent moisture from reaching this area.

And as with a cloth it will be difficult to get to clean the spaces between the keys, the next step to obtain better results will be to use cotton swabs also wet with alcohol that will allow us to clean in depth around the keys and remove accumulated dirt.

Tricks to clean the computer keyboard

If we prefer not to use any type of liquid to clean our keyboard, we can use compressed air sprays that are very useful for this work. Or, failing that, we can also use a hair dryer to blow dirt with its force. And if it is a laptop, let’s take the opportunity to clean the ventilation holes in the computer keyboard.

If what we want is a quick cleaning hack, We can always get hold of a post-it and go over all the keys so that the dirt remains stuck to the adhesive area. Or, if on the contrary, we want a deep cleaning, we can extract the keys and clean them one by one.

And to prevent

In addition to cleaning keyboards regularly, there are also a number of basic tips to prevent them from getting dirty.

  • Always wash your hands before use to avoid bringing bacteria to the keyboard or dirtying the keys with oil from our skin.
  • Do not eat or drink when we are using the computer to avoid food residues on the keys or getting our hands dirty while typing.
  • Best use a keyboard protector that can be removed, renewed or cleaned more easily.
  • Cover it when we are not using it to protect it from dust.