Tricks to clean rusty jewelry and leave it as new

The jewelery pieces, those bracelets, earrings or necklaces that are not made of precious materials, can end up oxidizing, losing their shine or even turning black. It is practically inevitable that this happens, but it does not mean that we have to give them up for lost because there are ways to recover them so that they look like new again.

A first way to achieve this is to frotating the jewelery piece gently with a cloth dampened with a little baking soda. Once done, we must rinse and dry the piece very well. We will not use this option for gold jewelry because it can damage the color and, if we do not have baking soda, we can use toothpaste instead.

In cases where rust is very resistant, We can add the power of white vinegar to baking soda. We just have to mix in a container a little white vinegar with a small spoonful of bicarbonate. Once there are bubbles, we put the jewelry inside for a few minutes and then dry it.

Tips to recover rusty jewelry

For the next method to recover metallic jewelry we will need effervescent aspirin. We place two aspirins in a glass of water and when they are completely dissolved, we immerse the piece to be cleaned for about ten minutes at most. Afterwards, we must dry with a clean cloth and give them shine. This method does not work for wooden or plastic jewelry.

And when the problem is that our jewelry has lost its shine and does not shine, we can use water-based eye make-up remover by applying it with a cotton ball. We rub the piece carefully until it recovers all its original shine.

And to prevent it from spoiling

We can also follow a series of tips to prevent jewelry from turning black or losing its shine:

  • Better if we do not keep the pieces together to reduce the possibility of rust appearing. In this sense, it is advisable to keep them in the cloth bags that they usually give us when we buy them. And if we do not have one, it is about getting a piece of cloth and making folds where we will place each piece without touching the other. In addition, we must keep them in a cool and dark place to minimize the chances of oxidation.
  • As far as possible, prevent our jewelry from coming into contact with soap, perfumes, creams, chlorine from swimming pools or sea water so before bathing (whether at home, in the sea or in the pool) we must remove the accessories.
  • The same happens with sweat, it is not recommended that jewelery come into contact with it because it can affect the color of the piece. So before exercising, jewelry out.
  • And finally, to extend the life of our jewelery pieces, we can apply transparent nail lacquer to give shine and protect them from external agents prolonging its duration.
Tips to recover rusty jewelry