Tricks to clean a burned iron

Continued use of the iron causes that, over time, its surface darkens and stains appear at the base. In addition, it can also happen to us that some fabrics with painted or silk-screened prints will stick to the plate if we are not careful. And of course, It can also happen that we have an oversight, we forget the iron on and it ends up burned.

For all these cases there are remedies to recover our iron and have it in perfect condition, again. And, in fact, experts recommend getting used to applying some of these tips regularly, without waiting for the iron to need them, for optimal maintenance. Let’s see then the different ways to recover our plate:

Coarse salt

Tricks to clean the burned iron

Using salt is one of the most recommended methods to remove dirt and possible remains of fabric attached. We just have to cover a piece of newspaper with a good layer of salt and with the hot iron, pass it over the layer of salt, back and forth, until the burned part disappears. To finish, we can wipe a clean cloth over the surface of the iron base to make sure that there is no residue left.


Tricks to clean the burned iron

In the event of persistent and difficult to remove stains, the use of vinegar is also recommended. For it, We heat a little white vinegar with which we soak a cloth that we will use to clean the burned base of the iron. For greater effectiveness we can add two tablespoons of salt or baking soda to the vinegar. Once all the stains have been removed, we must wipe it with a dry cloth before storing it.

On the other hand, if the burn stain is also in the holes of the iron, we can use an ear swab soaked in white vinegar to rub the stain until it disappears.


Tricks to clean the burned iron

Another way to end the stains or burned areas of our iron is by using toothpaste because its compounds with sodium bicarbonate allow to leave the surface clean and as new. We must spread a little toothpaste on the base of the cold iron and rub with a clean cloth. Next, we turn on the iron and activate the steam for five minutes and then disconnect it and, when it has cooled down a bit, wipe it off to remove any remaining toothpaste.

Candle wax

Tricks to clean the burned iron

To put this remedy into practice We can use any type of candle to finish off the burned areas. We just have to turn on the iron and when it is hot, pass the candle over the base. To finish, we pass a cloth to remove dirt and wax.


  Tricks to clean the burned iron

For our last tip, We will make use of the properties of lemon and sodium bicarbonate since their acidic compounds allow us to eliminate the substances that form stains. To put it into practice, we mix the juice of a lemon with a small amount of baking soda until we get a paste. We rub it on the cold iron and let it act for five minutes. After this time, we remove the remains that may remain with a damp cloth and turn it on for a couple of minutes to make it dry.