Tricks to avoid itching between meals and lose weight

According to a study by the insurance comparator Spaniards could gain up to four kilos throughout the period of confinement since the state of alarm was declared.

Inactivity or unhealthy eating are among the main reasons for this to occur. And it is that, a bad habit such as snacking between meals, may have been accentuated by spending more time at home and by using it as an escape valve from boredom and even to manage anxiety.

Snacking between meals, either with or without confinement, is something to avoid since when snacking we tend to choose those foods with low nutritional quality and high caloric content so in addition to not contributing to a healthy diet, it is one of the main reasons for weight gain. In this sense, Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO) conducted a survey in relation to this habit and came to the conclusion that “the population with a balanced weight regularly pecks one in four, while one in two of people with obesity do so”.

Before continuing, it is appropriate to clarify that by snacking between meals we do not mean eating something in the middle of the morning and having a snack in the afternoon to avoid spending many hours between the main meals. Our body is a machine that needs energy continuously to act normally.. For this reason, eating five meals a day (breakfast, lunch, lunch, snack and dinner), is necessary to maintain a balanced diet and it will also help us avoid snacking between meals since we will not be without eating for a long time.

That said, how can we avoid being tempted to open the fridge when it’s not playing?

Respect meal times

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Whenever possible, it is good to respect meal times to avoid snacking between meals. Our body will be used to a schedule because we will notice less need to peck.

Eat cereals and dairy

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Include cereals and dairy products in all our meals to reduce the chances of snacking between meals. The reason is that these foods, in addition to being nutritious, are satisfying.

No temptations at hand

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Avoid having temptations close by because, as we have mentioned, when it comes to snacking, you usually opt for less healthy food, that is, rich in fat and sugars. So it is better if you no longer have this type of food at home because if we cannot finally avoid snacking, it is better if it is a piece of fruit or skimmed yogurt, for example.

Stop and think about it

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Before eating, stop to think if you feel hungry and, therefore, if you really need to eat something or is it a whim. Also, think about whether it suits you and how you will feel after having itched (bad conscience). Many times, if you can control this first impulse, you avoid itching.