Tricks so you don’t have to iron your clothes anymore


Nobody likes to show off their favorite clothes full of wrinkles. Therefore, every day we spend hours and hours in front of the ironing board so that all of them look smooth and shiny. But, what if I told you that it is not necessary to resort to the placha to obtain this result? Many people find this task boring and tedious, especially during the hottest months of the summer. For all of them, there are a number of tips and guidelines to limit the use of this appliance as far as possible. And we are not only talking about using the steam from the hot shower, what tricks are we referring to?

The importance of laying well

This is one of the most widespread tricks, since hanging clothes does not only consist of hanging them from a rope with the help of tweezers. Although it may not seem like it, it is a very complex process that can almost completely remove wrinkles from clothing. First of all, you must remove the laundry from the washing machine as soon as the program endsOtherwise, the clothes get damp and, when folded, wrinkle more than normal. After, you must shake to remove excess water and remove some superficial wrinkles.

On the other hand, it is essential stretch the clothes well when you are going to lay it and, above all, dispense with tweezers when possible, as these leave marks that are very difficult to remove. If you must use them at all costs, better place them in the armpits or other less visible points and always use the plastic models, which have less grip than wooden ones.

Anti-wrinkle spray

Did you know that there is a product that, with only spray it on clothes, prevents the appearance of wrinkles? It is true that its effectiveness depends a lot on the fabric of the garments, in fact, those of cotton they are the ones that offer the best results; but it can be an interesting alternative to consider. Just use it when the clothes are still wet, shake it off before spreading and let it dry on the rope.

Clothes hanging

Hair straightener for clothes

This resource is very useful for the little details Like, for example, the collar of a shirt, the ruffles of a dress or those annoying wrinkles that appear in the center of any shirt. Thus, with a classic hair straightener you can finish them off in just a few seconds, ideal when you are in a hurry or are about to leave home. Also, the hair dryer You can also remove wrinkles from clothes that are already dry.

A hanger for your t-shirts

For sweaters, sweatshirts, shirts, T-shirts, and even coats, you can hang them directly from a hanger so that they dry acquiring their usual shape, not wrinkled on the rope. Remember to shake them before to remove excess water. And if they have pockets, try close the flaps with a safety pin, since it is a place where many wrinkles usually appear. Like the zippers, which must always be closed.

Choose the washing program well

Just as the way in which you tend is a fact to take into account when avoiding ironing, the way in which you put the washing machine also acquires an importance that you should not overlook. For example, filling it too much is not going to help you so that the clothes come out less wrinkled, rather the opposite.

Same as him spin. The function of this operation is to remove moisture from the garments, something that is achieved at a speed of approximately 600 rpm, so it is not necessary to set it to maximum. In addition, always try to use a little fabric softener, because this product softens fibers in fabrics and decreases the number of wrinkles.

Tricks to avoid ironing clothes

And the dryer?

Some homes have a dryer in their ranks, which can also do its bit to the cause. To make your clothes as smooth as possible, always choose a gentle drying program, because in this way the heat will not dry out the garments and wrinkles will be conspicuous by their absence. Also, just as no you can overload the washing machine, with this appliance also limits the volume.

A multipurpose ingredient

Among all these tips could not miss the classic home remedy that for generations has caused a sensation. In this case, vinegar is the main product Well, apparently, it is also capable of removing wrinkles from your clothes. You only have to dilute it in water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle and then apply it to the garment in question, which you must hang to air dry.

Of course, look before the fabric composition so as not to damage it and keep in mind the scent that can leave in your closet.