Tricks for a perfect fireplace

Ummmmm how good it smells! It is time for chimneys and the streets of our towns know it. If you are one of those lucky ones with fireplace at home you will already know that it is advisable to clean it every time it is turned on. What’s more, It is important to ensure that you pull well to avoid escaping the smoke and from time to time you sweep, especially when you are going to turn it on for the first time after it has been off for a few months.

But, in addition, once started you can use these tricks to make it a much more decorative element than it already is, or even to make it smell even better.

Gleaming grilles

Metal fixtures and fireplace grates can be shiny if you rub them with shoe polish and then polish them with a clean cloth.


Ash without dust

It is advisable to collect the ash every time you use the fireplace, but so that it does not raise dust you can lightly splash that ash with water and then sweep with the brush without completely filling the dustpan. Also, you can avoid the dust of the ash if you pour the leftover leaves of the tea infusions on it.

Scents of fire

We have already said that the fireplace gives off a smell that many people like, but if you are one of those who do not enjoy that aroma, you can put the skin of a lemon on the fire and you will have a natural air freshener throughout the room.


The last fireplace tip we share with you has to do with rekindling the fire. Try sprinkling it with a little salt.