Tricks and hairstyles to hide the wide forehead beyond the bangs

Although having a broad forehead is said to be a reflection of an intelligent person with many abilities, there are people who have this characteristic as an aesthetic problem and wish to hide it. Beyond the bangs, there are some tricks and hairstyles to hide the wide forehead. Next, we give you some options so that you can choose the one you like the most.


Regarding the type of cut, we recommend those that are paraded and staggered from the cheekbone.

In addition, medium hair, asymmetrical cuts with volume and body in the lower area are a perfect option for people who want to hide this characteristic.

Try smoothing the top of your hair and creating waves from the jaw to focus the gaze on another part of your face, as well as marking the ends to give them movement.

Tricks and hairstyles to hide the wide forehead beyond the bangs


Believe it or not, a color change can disguise this trait.

Even if you love highlights, people who want to hide their wide forehead should avoid them, as well as the light tones around the forehead, as they give the forehead space and light.

Opt for brown colors preferably and if you want some light or highlights, do it from the bottom.

Also, there are makeup tricks like putting some dark shadow on the line where the hair begins. That darkness will create a visual shadow effect that will appear to reduce and disguise the size of the forehead.


Avoid high bows that give volume to the top and those that are too stretched and collected. You can wear high ponytails as long as you have a fringed and moving fringe.

Low updos are a good alternative, since ultimately it is a matter of not lengthening the forehead any more, making an effect upwards, but to compensate downwards.

If you don’t have bangs, preferably style your hair with the side parting and let some strands fall on your forehead. By combing your hair to the side, you can mark the front to make a faux fringe.


And of course, the bangs. Without a doubt, it is one of the best tricks to hide wide foreheads.

Avoid totally symmetrical or straight bangs. It is preferable to opt for side fringes that cover part of the forehead, as well as asymmetrical and pointed ones with movement to the sides at the height of the eyebrows.

If your face is round, go for a long side fringe that covers the cheekbones and if you have it elongated, opt for a more diagonal cut that covers one eye.