Traffic violations that can leave you without a license

Since 2006, the driving license in Spain works through the point system that is associated with it and that can be lost if certain infractions are committed that seriously affect the road safety.

If you have already turned 65, your card has a validity of 5 years (three if it is about special permits for professional drivers) but as long as you keep your points, because if you were to subtract them until you reach zero, the General Directorate of Traffic (@DGTes) would proceed to process its withdrawal. In this situation, you could not take no vehicle, because it should be remembered that the points they are attached to the person, to the driver, not to a car or a specific registration certificate.

How many do I have?

If you have doubts in this regard, you can easily check the status of your driving license through the DGT electronic headquarters.

Just obtained the license, a new driver starts with 8 points, to which 4 will be added when he reaches 3 years of experience. After another 3 have elapsed, without committing any traffic infraction, another 2 are earned, plus 1 extra for 0 infractions in 6 years. If you are a good driver, in principle, you will have at most, therefore, 15 points.

They can be lost by being sanctioned for committing serious or very serious offenses, penalized with the decrease in 2, 3, 4 or 6 points depending on the case. As a general rule, you cannot subtract more than 8 in the same day, but in very serious infractions you can run out of license, losing all of them at the time.

Driving with illegal levels of alcohol or drugs in the body, exceeding the authorized speed limit by more than 50%, driving a vehicle recklessly, for example driving in the opposite direction, refusing to be tested for breathalyzer control or drugs or driving in a car with radar inhibitors are some of these situations considered especially serious what can they suppose total loss of points.

Using your mobile while driving can deduct points from your license

With what other infractions do you have to be especially careful?

Sitting behind the wheel implies strictly following the rules of the road not only to avoid fines and penalties, but because of it depends on your own safety and that of others. According to DGT data, since the points card was implemented, the four infractions that have caused the most losses to drivers are:

  1. Speeding.
  2. Do not wear a belt.
  3. Inappropriate use of the mobile phone.
  4. The consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Even if you are a responsible driver, sometimes it is difficult to resist the temptation to take a phone call and it is also common to think that for a short trip it is not necessary to fasten your seat belt. Well, you should know how to respond to the mobile (without hands-free) or use other devices in an inappropriate way, such as the simple gesture of manipulate the car navigator while driving, involves a financial penalty of 200 euros and the loss of 3 points on the card. It must be remembered that a quarter of the accidents that occur on our roads are caused by distractions or inattention while driving.

Exactly the same penalty carries the failure to use the seat belt properly. All the occupants of the vehicle must wear it fastened and if you take your grandchildren in the car remember to correctly place the necessary ones child restraint systems, for your safety and because if the violation is detected you would be responsible and you would lose the corresponding 3 points, plus the fine. Other serious or very serious infractions that remain are, among others:

  • Those related to speeding, which involve subtracting between 2 and 6 points, plus a penalty of between 100 and 600 euros.
  • Those in which they are involved alcohol and drugs, with between 4 and 6 and a fine of between € 500 and € 1,000.
  • Skipping a stop or a red light, with 4 points less and € 200.
  • Not respect the safety distance or not giving priority to a cyclist who circulates on the bike lane, path or shoulder duly marked is penalized as in the previous case.
Infractions that result in loss of points on the card

Can the points be recovered?

It must be made clear that as long as you have points on your license you can continue to circulate with your vehicle. If the reason that caused the loss was a serious infraction (2 – 4 points) and you do not commit another in the 2 subsequent years, you will recover them without having to carry out any procedure. If the infraction was very serious (6 points) the same will happen, but you will have to wait 3 years. Even so, if you want to have them again before these deadlines are met, you will have to make a road awareness and reeducation course taught by almost all driving schools and consisting of 12 hours of training. They can be done once every two years.

A different situation occurs if you have lost all the points. In this case, you will have to wait 6 months, in which you will not be able to drive, to take a similar course but lasting 24 hours and, in addition, you will have to pass a new theory exam that performs Traffic.