Today we discover the differences and similarities between blueberries and sloes

You don’t have to go far from some cities to come across bushes where sloes grow, a fruit of a color between bluish and purple which is very similar to blueberries of the same tone. However, there are differences between the two and we are going to reveal them to you.

The first one is that while the blueberries are growing on the bush vaccinium, sloes do the same in blackthorn (of the Rosaceae family, such as wild blackberries). Furthermore, in the first case we speak of a red fruit that has no seed, unlike its “twin”, which acquires a more rounded shape and does include seed.

The taste also serves as a point of disagreement between the two. Sloe has a bittersweet taste, on the other hand, the blueberry stands out for a more acid point.

Can you tell the difference between blueberries and sloes?  We help you

Nutritional properties of both

Regarding their benefits and nutritional properties, blueberries have hardly any calories and are especially rich in vitamin C, which favors the formation of collagen and red blood cells, in addition to improving the health of teeth or bones. But what really acts as a source of health, both in sloes and blueberries, is their great abundance of natural pigments with an important antioxidant power. Elements that neutralize the action of free radicals harmful to the body.

In addition, if we suffer from constipation, the fiber of sloes is very suitable for improve and regulate our intestinal transit. A digestive action that they share with blueberries, which are also ideal for strengthen our immune system and protect brain and heart health. In this last aspect, they help control hypertension and increase “good” cholesterol.

A part of our pantry

What there are no differences is in the use of both fruits in the kitchen. Blueberries have always been a fundamental ingredient in many desserts, where chocolate is the protagonist, and now it is being done a place in the healthiest breakfasts. But they can also contribute their dose of flavor and health by dressing creams, salads or stews.

For their part, lovers of the digestive liquor known as pacharán they will know that sloe is the main ingredient to prepare it, very traditional from the area of ​​Navarra and the Basque Country and that serves as the perfect finishing touch for many meals with friends.