To which trash can should I throw my used gloves and masks?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to use masks, a use that is mandatory from May 20 for people over 6 years old in outdoor and closed spaces when the minimum safety distance of two meters cannot be guaranteed. On the other hand, gloves They are not recommended for going out and should only be used in supermarkets and stores that are normally responsible for providing them at the entrance. But wearing gloves and masks also means having to dispose of them properly. Abandoning them on public roads is not a responsible option, since this waste can cause an environmental problem and maybe also a health problem.

To get rid of gloves and masks, as indicated by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), they must be thrown in the waste container, the one in the usual trash, not to the brown of organic residues or to the yellow of containers. It is the correct way so that they can be treated and do not pose a serious environmental problem. Likewise, if the gloves and masks come from sick people, they must go in two closed garbage bags before throwing them in the waste container.

What trash should I throw away my used gloves and masks?

Where not to throw away used gloves and masks

  • Masks they cannot be flushed down the toilet because of the traffic jams it could generate; it would pose a problem similar to wet wipes. And, in addition, when they end up in the environment, they take time to degrade.
  • Neither do the gloves, which are made of plastic, difficult to break down and when they end up in the sea, being brightly colored (there are purple, green, blue, black …) and with fingers that move with the current, they attract the attention of predators that gobble them up like food.

In addition, in some treatment plants they have already noticed an increase in wastewater wet wipes (which are also used to disinfect hands) in their facilities, so it is worth remembering that used wipes are solid waste that should go in the waste containers. As biodegradable as they are advertised, the toilet is not a trash can, and the wipes keep clogging our drains and wastewater treatment facilities.