Tired of the gotelé? Tips to smooth your walls

The gotelé is not «carried away», but be careful with these statements, because we said the same about wallpaper and currently it is a pure trend in interior decoration. Even so, if you think that your walls with more or less prominent «drops» will never deserve the qualification of vintage, there are solutions for they are smooth again and you can give them a new air.

You must bear in mind that removing this rough paint is not too complicated, but getting the wall to be without imperfections, it is not so simple. In the 60s – 70s, the era of developmentalism and baby boom, a large number of homes were built in Spain, many of them in blocks built in a short time and in which the impeccable finish of each of the walls was not the highest priority. Everything can be fixed, but if your house is from those years, there is a possibility that the straightening will cost you more (time and money) than expected.

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Removing the gotelé: where to start?

If you don’t like the gotelé, you have two options: ask a specialized company for a quote, or consider removing it yourself. If you have time, the second is an excellent alternative to keep fit and active while saving good money.

As a first tip, if you are not an expert in this matter, go little by little. Start with a single wall and only when it is completely finished (without gotelé and ready to paint) go for the second.

Also keep in mind that you will need specific materials. They are worth investing in because otherwise it will be very difficult to achieve your goal.

The paint removal and smoothing work will generate a significant amount of dust and unhealthy debris, which can be a high environmental load of allergens, which could trigger a asthmatic crisis as pointed out by the Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology (@SEAIC_Alergy). In this sense, a mask that protects the mouth and nose is recommended in the case of older people who may have allergies or respiratory diseases such as asthma. For your eyes, protective glasses could also come in handy.

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How can you remove gotelé from a wall?

There are different types of gotelé. In some, the drop is less marked, softer to the touch, while others have a grain with «spikes» that stand out until the «aggressiveness». To remove any of them, you must do a first check to know what type of product will be more effective. Take a small portion of the paint, peeling it off the wall, and put it in a glass of water. If it dissolves, it is I dripped to the temple, easier to remove and if it resists unalterable, it is Plastic paint, more resistant.

The easiest way to remove tempera drippings is moisten it, spreading water with the help of a spray or a sponge (it must be moistened, not soaked). When it is soft enough and detached from the surface, remove it with a spatula.

Unfortunately, most of the paint in older homes is plastic dripping and it takes a bit more work to remove it. To achieve this, you need a stripper that gradually dissolves the paint. Generally, these products are applied with a roller, spreading them over the entire surface. You must let it dry for the time indicated by each manufacturer and, probably, you will have to repeat the operation two or three times. When the rough paint «gives way», you can remove it as in the previous case, with a spatula and a lot of patience.

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Once the gotelé has been eliminated, touch proceed to smoothing the wall. If the surface is not too damaged, you can use a leveling paste (instead of plastering). These types of pastes are quite easy to apply with the help of a trowel. You must cover the entire wall well, insisting especially on the areas with the most imperfections. Done this, and once the product has dried, you only need Sanding the wall so that it is completely smooth, by hand, with suitable sandpaper, or with an automatic sander (much faster and with better results).

To finish the job, apply a primer coat that leaves the surface sealed and prepared to apply the new paint of your choice.

If you can’t handle your gotelé… cover it!

It is another wise option to achieve the result you want with less effort. Do you have Specific putties «drop cap», that is, you are not going to remove the gotelé, but to fill the gaps that remain between the lumps, in one or two simple applications. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, spread the product over the entire wall with a roller and proceed directly to sanding and smoothing.

Remember that you can also decide to cover it with vinyls (previously smoothed) or with smooth panels (plasterboard type) or decorative (plates imitation stone, cork, brick …) There are plenty of options so that, if you do not want to continue with the gotelé, you can definitely stop seeing it daily.