Tips to buy online safely

According to him VII Annual Study of eCommerce in Spain 2020, 72% of Spanish Internet users between 16 and 70 years old use the internet as a shopping channel. It is a practical and useful method, but we have to pay special attention to how and where we do it to avoid bad experiences in online purchases. We can achieve this if we follow a series of tips that can help us make these purchases safely.

Our device ready to buy online

Before making any purchase, it is advisable to install a antivirus on our device (or have it updated), since it is of little use to make a secure purchase if we have the problem in our terminal. The antivirus protects our device from possible infections that can affect our security and privacy. In this sense, it is also necessary to have the updated software.

In addition, before buying online we must bear in mind that we must never use a public Wi-Fi network to do so, since any user connected to it, could obtain our personal and banking data. So, we always have to buy from a trusted internet network such as the one in our house or the Internet connection of our 3G / 4G mobile.

We check the reliability of the online store

It is possible that we make purchases on websites that we already know, such as Amazon, and that therefore do not need our verification, but it may also happen that we want to buy on an unknown website, then it is necessary to inform us about it. Search and consult opinions of other users It is a good option, since the information we receive can help us to know if this store has a dubious reputation, or if it is a reliable store where we can buy. Apart from inquiring into forums, opinion pages or the social networks of these stores, we must also verify that the website is secure.

When we decide to make a purchase online we have to enter our personal and bank data, these data have to travel through the network safely so to guarantee it we must check website url. This always has to start with https, which means that the data that we enter in it is encrypted, and, therefore, third parties cannot access it. In addition, as explained by the Internet User Security Office, the Google Chrome browser incorporates a padlock symbol, just before the URL, which indicates that the website is secure.

If we want to ensure even more of the reliability of the page we must also check if there are more additional sections such as “who we are”, “privacy policy”, “contact” etc. In addition to finding the Shipping and Return Policy clearly explained and detailed.

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Always common sense

We have to be wary of attractive offers. IThe internet is full of “bargains”, but we must always be suspicious if they are too flashy or there is too much difference in price between one website and another. It is true that there may be exceptions and sales periods, but we always have to look with suspicion at everything that by common sense makes us doubt.

Let’s avoid advance payments

We must be especially careful with those websites that do not let us pay by card or PayPal and ask us for the money through their shipment. Probably, they are a scam and in the end, the product that we have bought never reaches our homes.

Most reliable online stores have different payment options. If we can only pay by bank transfer, we should look for more information and ask ourselves why. In case there are several payment possibilities, bet on prepaid cards such as PayPal. In these prepaid cards, the seller does not have access to our credit card details and they can be loaded and downloaded quickly whenever needed.