Tips to avoid back and neck pain when you’re driving

Hours and hours behind the wheel with the same posture and that state of concentration In everything that happens on the road, it sometimes makes our neck or back ache a lot after driving. To avoid this, it is important to follow a series of recommendations.

Take care of your posture when you are behind the wheel

Sit properly

Something that they would tell us when we were little but that can help us prevent a lot of back pain. In the case of drivers, it is best to place ourselves with the straight back well supported on the backrest of the seat. For each person, the distance between the seat and the steering wheel will depend on their height and wingspan, but remember that you must reach the bottom of the pedals comfortably, with the knees slightly bent and with the arms not fully stretched when we hold the steering wheel.

In the latter case, it is important to place it well so that you can move it freely without being too close to it or too far apart. Aim this trick: your hands should be forming a V on the steering wheel as if you were a clock that says 10 and 10.

When adjusting the seat height, check these indications above and also check if you see the road correctly, the box with all the car’s call signs and all the rear-view mirrors. And what about the head? The most recommended is support it lightly (no lying down) on the headrest that must be located at a central height between the ears. This is essential as it will prevent you from a neck injury in the event of an impact from an accident.

Tips to avoid back and neck pain when you're driving

If you see that your lower back hurts a lot, you can placing a pad on that lower back area to take it more rested. And forget about wearing inappropriate footwear: in addition to not being allowed to drive with flip-flops for safety, your foot will not move freely.

Drive safely and quietly

One of the greatest enemies of the back is the tension that accumulates in this area of ​​the body and that results in muscle pain. Therefore it is recommended drive calmly and safely; This is not to say that you are not attentive to everything that happens on the road to avoid unnecessary annoyances.

Also, if we go on long trips, it is essential stop every two hours to get some rest, freshen up and move your legs a little before starting out again. Take advantage of those breaks to also stretch your neck, back and arms through some exercises. They are a way to regain balance in your posture and reduce accumulated muscle tension.