Tips that can help in case of nausea

It is not easy to define what is nausea, but we all perfectly recognize its symptoms when they appear. Stomach «upset», feeling of bitterness in the mouth (gastric juices that rise), dizziness, cold sweat, retching … nausea is usually the step prior to the onset of vomiting, but in some cases, it can be overcome by implementing measures that help , at least, to alleviate them.

There are almost countless temporary illnesses or ailments that can trigger such an episode. In this sense, it is important to distinguish between a momentary general malaise, which can trigger something as simple as an unpleasant smell or a trip by car or boat, and nausea that recurs too frequently and requires a medical consultation. The specialists point out that nausea that does not stop within 48 hours, is accompanied by vomiting and is associated with fever or abdominal pain require immediate medical attention.


What can you do in an episode of temporary nausea?

In older people, this discomfort is often one of the consequences of suffering dizziness or vertigo. If it is an isolated case, it does not matter, but if they are repeated … you know. Probable cause can also be the taking a medication that you are not feeling well or some food that is difficult to digest (or food in bad condition). Situations of stress or intense anxiety can also cause it, as can some nutritional deficiency (fatigue from not eating food for a long period of time). Also, some cancer treatments can have nausea as a side effect.

If you find yourself «fatal» with unpleasant nausea, some measures that can help mitigate it are:

  • Try to find a cool and well ventilated place where you are comfortable. If you have dizziness, sit down to avoid a possible fall.
  • Try breathe slowly, controlling each inhalation. Nausea, in addition to discomfort, causes nervousness (increasing nausea). It is a vicious cycle that you must try to break. Breathing slowly always helps.
  • Drink some very light liquid or solid, it can do you good. Each case is different. If you see that what you eat makes you feel even worse, do not insist. In many cases, an infusion can be an excellent remedy. Those of chamomile, star anise, linden or ginger are the most recommended to combat nausea.
  • If you notice a strange and excessive heat (hot flashes), apply a compress or handkerchief soaked in cool water (but not ice) on the wrist and nape area it can be a relief. If, on the other hand, you notice a cold sweat, try to lie down for a few seconds with your feet higher than your head to promote return circulation. In some cases this posture helps recovery.