Tips for removing rust from your outdoor furniture

If on your terrace, balcony or garden you have furniture and accessories made of metal, aluminum or wrought iron, it is convenient protect them from the harsh conditions of the approaching winter. This type of furniture is highly resistant, but a review and a few simple care will ensure that they stay as new for longer.

The charming wrought iron chairs, a table that combines metal with a ceramic or glass surface, your grandchildren’s swing, an ornament, the railings … It is convenient to review all these pieces, because if you detect a small rust stain and you don’t remove ityou can be sure that, after winter, its extension will be greater.

It is important not to forget the small elements that are not usually repaired. The hinges of a folding table or chair, the screws or harmless ones staples, used to upholster any seat, rust spots are possible and you also have to look at them carefully.

clean rust garden furniture

How to remove rust and prevent its appearance

Before storing iron or other metal furniture, make a first basic cleaning with water and a drop of soap (serves the one you use to wash dishes by hand). Once the general dirt has been removed, let the different objects I know dry well outdoor. When there is no trace of moisture, check for the presence, or not, of rust.

If your furniture is great, you have little else to do. Although it is always convenient apply a layer of liquid wax Special for this material, especially if they are made of wrought iron and you are going to keep them outside during the coldest and rainy months. In this way, the iron will be isolated and protected from the effects of humidity.

On the other hand, if you find an area with rust, you have to remove it. To do it, you have specific products, but diluting a cap of white vinegar in half a liter of water you will get a magnificent solvent. Also, you are going to need a metal flexible bristle brush or metal “wool”. In both cases, dip any of these objects into the mixture and, with its help, proceed to remove the rust. It may cost a bit and you will have to repeat the operation several times, but the rusty area will disappear.

Once clean and dry, you only have apply a layer of lead on the treated object or paint it directly, always with paint that has minium incorporated.