Tips for opting for an adapted shower for the elderly

For people with reduced mobility, doing something as everyday as taking a bath or shower can be an obstacle since more conventional bathtubs they do not facilitate that freedom of movement that these people need for their daily grooming. Therefore, it is a good option to resort to installing adapted showers when one of the household members does not have mobility as in the past or simply as comfortable solution as the years go by.

Benefits of installing an adapted shower at home

Safety, comfort and independence. In summary, these are the benefits that one can find when he decides to change his old bathtub for a shower that offers all the guarantees in terms of accessibility. And it is that this type of bathroom elements are designed not only to guarantee one of the daily tasks for people with disabilities or who have reduced mobility, but that at a certain age they make the toilet is more practical, stable, safe and do not need the help of another person to do it.

Aspects to take into account in the reform

Once we have decided to reform the bathroom in the shower area, it is important not to forget some previous premises to choose the shower option that best suits our needs. Thus, in general terms, the new toilet area of ​​your bathroom should have a walk-in shower tray and that this is also non-slip to prevent falls and slips if it is wet or there are traces of soap.

It is also important, when selecting the different options for adapted showers on the market, that you do not leave the placement of a new one to chance. bulkhead. Thus, the best thing in these cases and for the comfort and safety of their users is that these do not have doors or projections on the floor that those people might bump into. In addition, in this way the work of the caregivers will be facilitated when they have to help that person in their daily hygiene.

Having clear the essential elements that an adapted shower must have to make it a safe environment, you can add a whole series of benefits that will make showering much more comfortable and simple:

  • For people with reduced mobility or who cannot stand for long periods of time, it is best to get a fixed seat inside the shower or that can be incorporated a posteriori. In the latter case, you can opt for folding chairs (with or without handles or armrests, in addition to back) with non-slip feet that you can comfortably place when you go to bathe.

Showers adapted for the elderly

  • Another of the most recommended elements is to place fixed grabbers on walls or bulkhead as an essential support point to make your bathroom an intimate moment and with total autonomy.
  • The taps of this type of shower can also be accessible since some of these controls incorporate thermostatic systems that are easier to control for avoid sudden changes in temperature that can be uncomfortable.