Tips for making a good fish and seafood zarzuela

One of the Seaworthy stews par excellence of our gastronomy. Today we are encouraged to make a fish and seafood zarzuela, so don’t miss the steps and tips necessary to make this recipe look great. Of course, you should know that it takes time to do it and that it is not suitable, that first, for those who do not go beyond a simple fried egg.

Have all the necessary ingredients on hand

To surprise your family with a good meal, nothing like making this dish for which you will need to buy at the fishmonger a monkfish tail, four slices of hake, double prawns and of squid and half a kilogram of mussels.

Are the protagonists of our zarzuela and that they will have the best flavor if, in addition, we add to the shopping list an onion, a clove of garlic, a not too big red pepper, a couple of ripe tomatoes, salt, flour, fish broth, fresh parsley, almonds , saffron, brandy, olive oil and a slice of stale bread.

If you have not forgotten anything, it is time to get in front of the stove.

Tips for making a good fish and seafood zarzuela

We can ask the fishmonger to clean the monkfish tail and deliver it to us already in pieces. Otherwise, you will have to remove the thorn at home. Do the same with the heads of the prawns. After this step, in a casserole cook the mussels with just a finger of water. Wait until they open and reserve them on a plate. When they are warm, remove the meat and do not throw the water, you can take advantage of it for the stock.

Now take a frying pan, add olive oil and pass a little the hake slices, as well as the pieces of monkfish that previously you will have battered with flour. In another pan, you can make the squid until well browned and soft.

Reserve all these preparations and start with the stew itself. To do this, in a large casserole make a sauce with the onion, garlic and pepper, to which you will then add the tomato pieces without skin. Let everything cook for about 20 minutes and, in the meantime, toast the almonds.

Final presentation

Don’t miss these last steps. What you will do now is toast the saffron a little, without burning it, and the slice of bread. Ingredients that along with almonds they will end up in a mortar where you will mix everything with a little parsley.

When you have the vegetable sauce ready, add all the fish that you had prepared before and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Pour a splash of brandy into a glass and add it to the stew. For the alcohol to evaporate, turn the heat up to high for a couple of minutes.

Finally, add the fish stock and part of the water that was left over from cooking the mussels and let it cook slowly over the fire for about 10 minutes. Add the bite from the mortar and cook for another 10 minutes. Do not forget to shake the casserole from time to time so that all the aromas and flavors merge.