Tips for getting a gift right

As much as the pandemic disrupts the celebration of Christmas and nothing will be the same as other years, most likely we will have to make a gift to our family and friends. Getting the perfect gift right may not be an easy task since sometimes the recipient makes it difficult for us by not writing his letter to the Three Wise Men or after many Christmases together, the ideas have run out. But we must also do our part so that giving is a positive and pleasant experience for both parties: both for the gift giver and the recipient. Here are some guidelines to achieve it:

Tips to get it right when making a gift

Attitude counts

We should not start the task of buying gifts thinking that it is a heavy obligation and one that we would like to get rid of. As we have to do it, it is better to try to enjoy the experience. For this it is essential not to leave it for the last moment because the lack of time will be a burden and it will prevent us from having a good time with homework in addition to the fact that the rush usually leads to spending more than we wanted.

On the other hand, before taking to the streets to visit stores or immerse ourselves in online stores, It is advisable to organize and make a list of what we need to buy, dates when we give gifts, set a budget, etc. Having everything under control will avoid unpleasant last minute surprises.

A little research

Another of the tricks to succeed with our gifts is be attentive to the comments or activities carried out by the recipient of our gift long ago to get clues of what they may need or like. Better if we write it down because the moment we need to recover that idea, our memory can fail us, which is a nuisance. And if we have not had the opportunity to ‘study’ the recipient of the gift, do not hesitate to ask someone close to them for advice to guide us in our task.

Also, when deciding to buy something, you never have to choose according to your tastes. And it usually happens that we resist buying something that we do not like or fit, but, ultimately, that does not matter. First of all, you have to think about the person who is going to receive it.

And in the event that you have done your homework and have provided us with ideas and clues of what you would like to receive, of course these wishes must be respected, but it is worth accompanying the requested gift with some surprise detail to add some Christmas magic . And much better if it is a gift that we have made and personalized.

Is it to be a useful gift?

This is perhaps the million dollar question when it comes to giving a gift and the answer is probably yes if we do not know the other person very well or we lack ideas. Namely, If we are not going to get the gift 10 right, it is better if it is useful and, at least, it does not end at the bottom of a drawer. Of course, be careful not to spend with what is a useful gift, that the iron or the drill is very seen.

And one last tip: presentation matters. Namely, Let’s not spoil the result with a painful packaging or presentation that detracts from the impact we deserve after having achieved the perfect gift.

Tips for getting a gift right