Tips for efficient vacuuming

Using a vacuum cleaner, like most appliances in the house, does not require much knowledge to achieve the goal set. But this does not mean that we do it in the most efficient or effective way possible.

Unless we have automatic vacuum cleaners programmed to sweep the house while we can do other activities, surely we will have the classic vacuum cleaner in which we are the ones who control the area in which it operates. Whether wired or wireless, these devices can be time consuming when cleaning, so here are some tips to get the most out of it and complete this task as efficiently as possible.

Tips for seniors when choosing the ideal vacuum cleaner

  1. Organize your time: The previous organization is always synonymous with efficiency. Usually there is the custom of dedicating an entire morning, traditionally Saturday morning, to cleaning the house. During that morning, the most arduous tasks for cleaning the home are completed. However, in order not to end up defeated and without wanting to repeat this activity, the most efficient thing is to distribute that time throughout the week. It is always easier to find 30 or 40 minutes free a day to dedicate it to a certain cleaning task or room, than a whole morning and even something else in a single day.
  2. Clear the room to be cleaned: It is related to the previous point. Many times, tired of cleaning so much, we do not move the furniture and we only dedicate ourselves to the visible part of the room. Freeing up the obstacle space will allow you to make more linear passes avoiding creating corners and areas that could be left uncleaned. In addition, today there are various accessories to get the vacuum cleaner to doors, corners or under furniture.
  3. From up to down: the cleaning order of your house is decisive to obtain efficient cleaning using the force of gravity in your favor. Begin cleaning your house at the highest parts such as the ceilings, lamps, shelves, tall furniture, etc., to continue with the lowest parts and the floor. In this way, all the lint and other specks will fall to the floor and thus a much more efficient cleaning is obtained.
  4. Fabrics: Upholstery and mattresses can stay clean for a long time since they are not as exposed as carpets or covers. However, they are a true magnet for mites, dust, pollen and other allergens, so it is advisable to maintain a constant vacuuming routine to minimize the risk of exposure to allergy sufferers.
  5. Power: One of the most common habits is to use the vacuum cleaner at its maximum power at all times, and that is something that can even be counterproductive to get a proper cleaning. This is the case of hard floors, where high power can create a suction cup effect, making it difficult for the vacuum accessory to slide. Currently there are already different levels in almost all vacuum cleaners to adjust them to the areas where they operate.

The result of having a totally clean room is more than comforting. With these tips, we hope that you not only have them on Saturday mornings, but that you can enjoy it a little every day.