Tips for deep cleaning the fridge

The fridge, being the appliance where we store food, it must be clean to prevent germs, bacteria and mold proliferate and contaminate what we keep. We are going to review the steps we must take to clean it thoroughly.

The best time to clean the refrigerator is when it is less full, before making a visit to the market and prior to our vacation, which is when we will find it emptiest.

And, regarding the products to clean it, it is always better to opt for the Natural medicine as chemicals have an odor that can permeate the fridge and last for days. The vinegar white and the baking soda sodium mixed with warm water will be our best options. In addition, the disinfecting power of vinegar makes it the ideal product to leave the fridge clean and without residues.

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Steps for a good cleaning

The first thing we are going to do is unplug the fridge. On the one hand, we will not consume energy unnecessarily and we will prevent the open door warning from sounding all the time.

Then we will remove all the food there is. We must keep them in isothermal bags or in a cool place to keep them cool while out of the fridge.

The next step is to remove any removable element such as drawers, shelves, trays, door shelves, etc. We can clean them in the sink or put them in the dishwasher, so that they are clean and dry to put them back in their place.

Then we clean the walls of the inside from the fridge, without forgetting the together of the doors. Germs accumulate in these gums and fungi often proliferate.

Once everything is cleaned, we have to let it be dry well, leaving the door open for a while or passing kitchen paper to speed up the process. Afterwards, we will put the clean trays and drawers back.

Before plugging in the refrigerator again, we must clean the exterior, with special attention to the handles, the part most sensitive to contamination.

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A few more tips

We must do this cleaning three or four times a year. And not only from the fridge, also from the freezer, cleaning it in the same way. If our refrigerator is frost, we must defrost it at least twice a year.

Although, to keep the refrigerator clean, it is advisable clean any container before putting it in, in addition to cleaning up any spilled food that occurs as quickly as possible.

And, if you want the fridge smell good, a lemon in half with a few cloves embedded is the best way to absorb odors naturally.