Tips for choosing the best security alarm

Put a home alarm it is a security option for the home and for the people who live in it. Its installation is simple and its effectiveness double, because they can dissuade friends from outside the idea of ​​entering your home and, in addition, notify, immediately, if the break-in occurs.

You currently have security companies that offer various devices and services and when choosing an alarm, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Check that your alarm has a central receiving station capable of giving a quick response (notice to the police) is key for the device to fulfill its function but, in addition, you will have to look at other important details.

security alarm

Which alarm is right for you?

Technological advances applied to the field of security have endowed current alarms with great efficiency. The first thing you should check is that yours has the latest advances, both in terms of the installation like to functioning. Any such electronic equipment must be wireless (without external cables that can be cut) and in addition, it has to have two basic self-protection systems: one anti-sabotage (the alarm would go off before any manipulation attempt) and one anti-inhibitors, so that it is also impossible to cancel it “remotely”.

When installing the system it is important to contact professionals who are experts in detect the vulnerable points of your house, those that could become access routes.

The safety device must have paths central units, which are used to control its functions (one will be next to the entrance door and the other in the room of your choice), a acoustic element (the “siren”) and various motion detectors. They can be simple motion sensors, which are placed on doors and windows, or motion sensors with cameras, which are located in the different rooms and serve to obtain an image of the “suspected” thief.

Depending on the characteristics of your home. you will need a certain number of sensors of one type or another. You may also require some peripheral sensorFor example if you have a garden area or a patio that should be guarded.

Alarms can also include extra functions. It is recommended that they be activated in the presence of smoke or fire. Some may include a remote assistance system, recommended in the case of older adults that they live alone.

If you live with a pet, indicate it at the time of installation, because the most advanced equipment includes devices capable of “avoiding” its presence.

Finally, when deciding on an alarm, check four important details:

  • Simple connection and disconnection (without keys, directly with your keychain).
  • Central units of easy drive, both in person and via mobile.
  • Extra battery (so that it remains active even in the absence of power supply.
  • Fluid communication with the alarm center and quick response.