This is the list with the 5 best brands of coffee capsules, according to the OCU

For a few years, there has been a new product in kitchens, an effective remedy when you’ve had a bad night. Thus, in supermarkets, in addition to the formats and containers with coffee beans or ground, there is also the universal drink in capsule form. The exact dose to prepare a cup in just 10 seconds. Of course, in this case you need to have a special coffee maker and make it compatible with these units.

But today we are not focusing on this small household appliance, but on the best capsule brands that can be found on the shelves of a food establishment. A list prepared by the Organization of Consumers and Users (@consumers) to assess which is the one that best suits your parameters: quality, labeling, processing, if it has any defect or if the already packed grind contains contaminants or harmful elements.

In addition, another of the points in which the professional tasters of the OCU fixate to carry out the analysis, always using the same coffee machine model, is to know the nuances of your tasting. A set of details that are summarized in its uniformity, consistency, flavor, whether or not it has cream, the aroma or whether it is too bitter on the palate.

This is the list with the 5 best coffee capsules, according to the OCU

These are the best brands on the list:

1.- Nespresso Ristretto

Nespresso Ristretto coffee capsules

A total score of 83 points above the maximum out of 100, this is the assessment of the consumer organization on the capsules of Nespresso Ristretto coffee (@NespressoES) that they evaluated as good quality. A note based on a tasting, smooth and with sweet aromatic notes, which was rated by the tasters with four stars. One more when it comes to the environmental impact of your processing system. Regarding its price, each container consists of about 10 units and the total cost is 3.60 euros.

2.- Auchan: Intense Express

field 1

The second place is occupied by a white brand, that of coffee capsules Auchan de Alcampo (@to field). Specifically, the variety Intense Express. Only two points separate this article from the previous one. In this case, they only share a score in terms of tasting and pollution impact. In addition, this product can be purchased for a cheapest price: the box with ten doses does not reach two euros.

3.- Nespresso Arpeggio

Nespresso Arpeggio

Again the Italian brand in the three best positions of the ranking prepared by the OCU. Now with the variety Arpeggio, with a valuation of 80 out of 100. If you want to get the container of 10 capsules, the price is around 3 euros. Is what it costs a intense, creamy, arabic variety drinkVery toasted and with a few notes of cocoa, as those responsible say.

4.- Carte Noire Espresso

Carte Noire Espresso

Continuing with the list, there are no valuation distinctions with the following capsules: Carte Noire Espresso. However, if you get less stars in sustainable matter. Price: € 3.09 / container (10 capsules).

5.- L’OR Espresso Fortissimo

L'OR Espresso Fortissimo

Finally and within the top 5 of the OCU, we find the French company L’OR with its variety Espresso Fortissimo. A coffee, as they defend, full-bodied, intense and that combines the flavor and aroma of spices with the roasting of coffee beans. That has earned him the fifth position and a total score of 79 in quality. Their packs, with the same number of capsules, they are the most expensive of the products already mentioned: 3.79 euros.

The key points to be a coffee expert

The consumer association has relied on the work of professional tasters to give each rating to the selected coffee capsules. However, there are a few key points to hitting a good coffee and taste it in the best way. Notes to become a coffee expert.

It is not difficult to distinguish a good cup of coffee, but for fans of this universal drink, which is already part of gastronomy, there is a decalogue to recognize if it is a quality product that is worth drinking quietly sip by sip:

  • First of all is The origin. On the one hand, there are those that are of an Arabica variety (with a more appreciated quality) and on the other those of the robust type, with more caffeine and with a very strong taste.
  • Color is closely related to roasting process of the coffee. Thus, when the tone is close to black, it is logical to know that it is a variety with a very strong toast. Unlike if the color is warmer. The most coffee growers prefer a medium tone that denotes that it is not very burnt. But, to taste the colors, never better.
  • Precisely, this tonality says a lot about the smell, one of the unmistakable characteristics when preparing a cup. A smell that can have fruity, earthy, chocolate, dried fruit nuances (more pleasant on the palate) or even wood or ash for those who prefer a greater presence.
  • Now is the time to try it: the taste. Some will like it more bitter, but a good coffee should keep a balance between acidity and a sweet spot.
  • To each variety its type of container. If you want the ritual to be perfect, coffee cannot be drunk just any way. So, for example, a espresso or cappuccino requires a small cup of narrow base.
  • In the same way, the temperature also influences in this case: at more than 80ºC tones and aromas are lost. Thus, such a temperature can indicate a poor quality product.
  • Finally, a coffee master will never add sugar , since the fruit has its own sweetness. However, the initial sugars can be modified in the process until they reach the table, in relation to the altitude of the harvest, its exposure to the sun, grinding or roasting.