This is the infallible trick to clean your clothes iron with paracetamol

The YouTube channel Statistical Data of the World has published a video with a infallible trick to remove burnt stains from clothes iron.

And it is that, this type of objects are very delicate and, if they end up deteriorating, they can spoil our most precious garments. Therefore, continuous maintenance of this device is important and, for that reason, from the channel they give us a simple way to have the iron in perfect condition, without having to resort to very sophisticated or expensive tools.

As shown in the video, a paracetamol and a little patience are enough. Specifically, as they explain, the important thing is to heat the iron and, once it is incandescent, bring the tablet closer, with tweezers (if it can be), and rub.

After a few seconds, the stain will peel off and, later, a cloth (with vinegar) must be applied to remove what remains.

The result is shocking. The iron will be like new.