This is the cheapest solution for your clogged toilet

You pull the chain and… oops! Wow the toilet doesn’t swallow! You make the mistake of shooting again in case this time if it happens, but no, nothing is further from the truth. The water has risen into the cup and definitely the toilet is clogged.

There are different remedies for these cases, ranging from the plunger liquid that we find in the market, through the homemade recipes of baking soda with vinegar or bleach and detergent, to using the wire and the hook of a hanger imitating the tool they use. plumbers.

Plumbers? Yes, of course, the professionals are there to give us the solution when the breakdowns are complicated and we recommend that you use their services in those cases because otherwise the remedy can be worse than the disease.

But, it is not what concerns us today. We are talking about a small clog formed in the toilet that does not seem to be very serious. And the solution is even simpler: a mop and a plastic bag.

Fast and easy

The steps of this impossible and cheapest home remedy are the following:

  • Pull the chain to fill the cup
  • Cover the mop with a plastic bag (that does not have any holes)
  • Introduce very slowly to the bottom of the toilet so that it covers the hole and the duct completely.
  • Hold at the bottom 10 seconds
  • Shake vigorously (you can also shake from front to back as if you were pumping). You will achieve a vacuum effect that is very similar to that of a professional plunger.
  • Pull the chain again.

And ready!

Generally, if you do these movements two or three times, the pipe should unclog. But if the jam is very big, it may not work.

See how they do it in this video:

Better prevent

Although this remedy is very effective and cheap, it is even more so if we manage to prevent our toilet from clogging.

The reasons why our bathroom clogs are very varied, but among the most common are:

  • Problems in the pipes. Either because they are old and have sloped or have some breaks or because they are poorly built and with little inclination. This helps to slow down the flow of water and to accumulate waste at a specific point that causes clogging.
  • Another classic is to throw wipes, excess paper or other objects that are generating a plug in the pipes.

Avoid, therefore, what can cause your toilet to clog, but if you don’t get it, try this trick that we have shared.