This is the basic kit that you should take with you on your vacation

Swimsuit, towel, several pairs of shoes, change clothes, a jacket in case it gets cool one night, a toiletry bag, a mobile charger and a good book. These are the essentials of any good vacation suitcase, however, something important and essential is missing from that list: a good first aid kit. An essential element for solve small health emergencies that do not require running to the nearest emergencies.

What cannot be missing in your medicine cabinet for this vacation?

As they remember from the Official College of Pharmacists Zaragoza (@PharmaceuticalsZG), in this sanitary bag there should be no lack of suitable material to heal small wounds such as gauze, bandages, cotton and some antiseptic product so that the cut does not get infected.

In addition, whether you travel abroad or if you have delicate digestions, do not forget to put several solutions to protect your stomach before facing a copious meal, heartburn remedies or medications that solve an inopportune and annoying diarrhea such as oral rehydration salts to prevent dehydration that sometimes accompanies this pathology.

Basic kit for the holidays

It is also logical to carry medications for occasional pain such as analgesics and, for mild sprains, a couple of bandages and anti-inflammatories in gel, spray or ointment format.

If you are one of those gets dizzy in the means of transportEspecially in the car, use pills in case you need to take one before the trip to avoid dizziness. Especially if you are going for a boat ride.

Protect yourself from insects and the sun

And since we are in summer, it is forbidden to forget your sun cream (with the appropriate protection factor for your skin type and better if they are water resistant), as well as after sun lotion. And of course, glasses to protect the eyes and a good hat.

At this time it is more common for insects to pay us a visit and bite us. For that uncomfortable itching and itching, it is best that you do not forget the medications for the stings as antihistamines for topical use, ointments, mosquito repellants …

And one last tip, put in that medicine cabinet the drug treatment that you follow regularly the rest of the year and do not forget to follow it strictly every day. Your health is at stake.

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