This is how the home telecare service is requested in Valencia

Any telecare program allows people with special needs, due to mobility problems or as a result of advanced age, among others, to be in permanent contact with assistance services that each autonomous community has at the disposal of its citizens.

It is a resource especially useful for people who live alone, as well as for family members who need to have the peace of mind that, in a moment of need, An emergency service can be presented at the indicated address. Only by activating the device that is assigned to each person at the time of registering the service.

Who can request it in Valencia?

Not all citizens are in a position to request this service. In order to access it, the following requirements:

  • To be over 65 years (In the case of people under that age, they must have an official certificate of disability).
  • Living alone or with a person of the same age.
  • Be registered in Valencia.
  • Have a telephone installation in the house.
  • That the annual gross income of the coexistence unit, as well as the returns on real estate capital, do not exceed those indicated in the stipulated scale. For these purposes, income from the coexistence unit will be considered the gross income from all the members that make up the coexistence unit, which appear in the corresponding personal income tax returns.

Once these requirements are met, it becomes the responsibility of the centers of the Social services to ease the installation of this system.

What services does it offer?

Despite the fact that its most outstanding service is home health care, depending on the autonomous community the telecare it is also a solution to problems related to loneliness, anxiety or any other psychological factor that does not require the physical intervention of medical personnel. All this through a telephone line.

In the case of Valencia, it is also possible that, based on the needs of the person who requires it, the operators of the telecare service take care to remember to take medications based on some hourly guidelines or are in charge of mobilizing the necessary resources in the event of a medical or social emergency.

In any case, all services are offered from the button that is assigned to the person in question and that it is installed next to the telephone line.