These haircuts will be a trend this 2021

We need to change, new airs, new life, joys, colors and freshness. And in all that a simple haircut can help us. Do you want to know which ones will be a trend this 2021? Take note.

A change of look can undoubtedly raise our mood. Now that we are approaching the good weather and the desired spring after a gray and cold winter with a snowstorm included, it is time to renew our image to change our mood and look towards the future with positive energy. Therefore, if you are thinking of going to the hairdresser in the next few days, we propose a list of haircuts that will be a trend this year.

Medium mane

Cuts almost to the chin height they will be the great protagonists of this year. In addition, movement is sought and therefore you can do layers to give more lightness.

With it we will be able to give our hair more strength by giving more volume to the ends.

If you have the fine hair or your face is rounded, this cut will certainly be perfect for you.

This type of cut can be lowered or raised a couple of centimeters to make a mane midi or a new type cut long bob that favors everyone.

Those centimeters can completely change our face. If we lengthen it a little more until it almost touches the clavicle becomes what is known as a cut Collaborne Cut or a bob long. This type of cut also favors everyone as it frames our face.

In addition, it is an intermediate point for those who do not want to opt for a long or a short.

Also, looking for that balanced length, we can highlight the trend of the cut just by the clavicle, but always looking for movement with parades and weathers.

For those who have the curly hair, that half mane known as shag short It will be accompanied by a wild style and with bangs.

Long manes

In recent years the manes have been going strong. However, whereas before they were carried straight, now we will look for weathered and paraded manes in the part that surrounds the face to give more movement.

These manes will be paraded especially across the face with long, open bangs to add texture to the mane.

They will be seventies and feathered manes.

Trend haircuts 2021 Photo: bigstock


Sharp and long, softening the features of the face. Is about a fringe that will not need much maintenance not much drying time. We are talking about an easy fringe that goes perfect with any type of hair, long, short or intermediate.