These foods: are they a vegetable or a fruit?

On occasion, debates arise about whether an avocado, a tomato or a pumpkin is a fruit or a vegetable. Well, all three are fruits and we are going to explain why.

The first thing we must understand is what is a fruit, a vegetable and even a vegetable.

The vegetable It is the green part of the vegetable. They are leafy foods and tender stems, while the vegetable refers to the fruits, stems, roots or seeds, among others.

For its part, fruit It is the part of the plant that arises from a flower. Fruits contain seeds.

Once these three terms are clarified, it will surely be easier for us to know when a food is one thing or another, although for this, in some cases of fruits or vegetables not very well known, we will have to know what the plant is like to be able to know what part comes from and thus can be classified.

Tomatoes are a food that generates a lot of controversy since, from the botanical point of view and according to the previous definitions, it is a fruit since it contains seeds. However, culinarily speaking, due to its flavor, there are those who classify it as a vegetable.

Are these foods a vegetable or a fruit?  Photo: bigstock

The calabacín, pumpkin, avocado, cucumber, peppers and aubergines they are also fruits, despite the fact that we usually place them in the group of vegetables.

Specifically, the eggplant is related to the tomato, since both belong to the Solanaceae family. Although the first comes from India and the second from America, both are high in water, potassium, and fiber.

The pepper is also related to the aubergine and the tomato, although the main difference is that it is a hollow fruit.

For its part, a asparagus it is a vegetable since it is the stem of the plant. The lettuce for their part are the leaves and carrots, the roots. They are vegetables, with very varied functions. The potatoes they are also roots and therefore we would include them within the group of vegetables, just like the celery (stems) or chard (sheets).

Are these foods a vegetable or a fruit?  Photo: bigstock

If we analyze some recipes we would be surprised. For example, a gazpacho or a ratatouille contain almost more fruits than vegetables, but nonetheless no one considers it, nor do we talk about fruit salad in those cases.

As in almost everything, there are exceptions. We have fruits like the banana that have no seeds. It is a hybrid and sterile fruit, the result of a cross between varieties of wild bananas that do have seeds. Actually, if we open a banana, we can see small black dots in the central area that are reminiscent of seeds.

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