These are the steps you must follow if you want to install an aquarium at home

The aquarium hobby It is the breeding of fish and other aquatic organisms in an aquarium, under controlled conditions and in a more domestic environment, and you have decided to enter fully into this hobby and have bought your first aquarium.

When you get home with everything you have purchased in the store, we recommend that you wait until you have the aquarium ready before having the fish, but you do not know how to install it, where to locate it or what accessories you should not miss. Don’t worry, we give you some tips.

First steps to install your aquarium correctly

First of all, we hope you have chosen a cabin large enough so that your fish, if you have enough, swim freely and are not crowded. In addition, you will need filters for the water, lighting lamps, sand for the bottom, as well as plants and decorative objects.

The first step is to place the aquarium on a stable surface that will support the weight. It should be a bright place but where sunlight does not shine directly for many hours at a time or we risk algae growing at the bottom of the aquarium. Also, avoid placing it in a place where there are drafts.

Water treatment

Next, he places the sand in the bottom of the aquarium and begins to fill it with water, but only to half its capacity. Put the decoration and plants that you have chosen for that aquatic habitat but without overloading and finish filling it with water to the end. Remember to fill this tank with cold water. You will be conditioning it in the following days with temperature settings, lighting, filtering and anti-chlorine treatments.

The water must be changed, only a quarter of its full capacity, every two weeks.

Apart from the filter to keep that liquid in perfect condition, you can install an air pump to oxygenate the water so that there is a uniform and adequate temperature at all times in your fish tank. And a heater for tropical fish that need a temperature of about 27º.

How do we get the fish?

Many may not know it, but you cannot put the fish in the same day that the fish tank is assembled or that all its tenants enter at the same time. Before introducing them, you should spend a couple of weeks or a maximum month cycling the aquarium since if not, the fish would die with their feces and their own waste.

To introduce them, take the plastic bag with water where you transfer the fish and put it inside the aquarium so that the temperature is equal to the water in the fish tank. After a few minutes, untie that bag and slowly introduce water from the aquarium. You can then carefully release each fish, but without the water from the plastic bag spilling into the tank.

And it is best to start with a few fish and you will increase the colony over the months.