These are the reasons why your dog stares into infinity

Have you ever wondered what dogs think about? What do they tell us with their gaze, with that wink? or what does it mean when they stand still staring into the distance?

When we talk about pets, we talk about affection and affection. They are our faithful friends, be they dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits or other species. Whatever it is, when we have a pet we love him madly (or so it should be) and he loves us.

The dog is perhaps the animal that interacts the most on an emotional level with the human being. It is affectionate by nature, it is aware of its owner and the family at all times, as it is his herd. There is not a day that does not welcome a member of the family with leaps of joy, wagging the tail, sniffing the butt, licking and, on occasion, leaking urine from excitement. For them it is inevitable to show affection because they only have us and their reason for being is us, the owners. Few people resist falling for such a show of constant affection and only those people who have had a dog as a pet, male or female, know that They are unique and that only with their eyes they can alleviate the pain, make you forget your problems for a while, or make you smile on a bitter day. They are always by your side to play or accompany.


Like man, the dog is an animal of customs, it has very marked habits and each action or way of behaving responds to a specific and justified reason, and often with more meaning than we can think.

Knowing the meaning of their looks will help us to understand them better, to recognize their state of mind, if they are sad, angry, tired, alert, if they are sleepy or ill; and, combining his gaze with other communicative signals such as wagging his tail or ears, facial expressions and sounds, will allow us to put him in context.

Stare at the owner

Dogs do not usually stare into people’s eyes, they only do so sporadically and, in addition, they tend to be uncomfortable when their gaze is fixed on them. They only do it on rare occasions and only to their owner, it is his way of saying that he loves him, who feels confident.

Eyes with very dilated pupils

If when you look at your dog in the eyes you see his pupils very dilated with a lot of light, it means that something hurts. It will be necessary to review other communication channels that the dog has to determine what its status is, such as seeing how it carries the tail. In the case of pain, it will be tucked between the hind legs.

Eyes with very closed pupils

If, on the other hand, his pupils are very closed, it means that he is trusted, who feels security in the environment in which he is. There is nothing to make you anxious.

A wink

Before this gesture the experts endorse two theories. One is that it is a gesture learned from human beings as they are constantly observing their owner. Another theory is that, like humans, they do it when they are good mood, enjoying the moment, they want to show calm and confidence.

Eyes wide open

Sitting in front of you. He is waiting for a gesture of acceptance from you to start to play. He wants to encourage you to throw him the ball or his favorite toy, he demands your attention to spend some time of entertainment. The moment there is visual connection, he will wag his tail, making his desire even more evident.

Eyes ajar or closed

This denotes fear, you don’t want to see what’s going on around you. In addition, he tends to lower his head, throw his ears back, and snuggle in a place that he trusts and feels protected.

Stare at a target and eyes somewhat closed

If an animal adopts a challenging and dominant posture, stares and slits its eyes, it is angry and even about to attack. Look at other indicators to confirm: bristling back, ears straight and forward, tail raised. Depending on his anger, he will emit a growl, bark or, also, show his teeth.

Gaze into infinity

It often happens that without further ado we see our dog become alert with his gaze fixed on infinity, on the wall or ceiling, or towards the dark corridor, for example, immobile and almost without breathing. It is a situation that in addition to surprising us, sometimes also makes our beauty stand on end, because we are unable to discover what we may be seeing, and our imagination can go further and further. Nothing supernatural happens, it is simply that dogs have much more developed senses than we do and where we see darkness they can appreciate a fly, where there is only a roof they can see the rest of a spider web moving or where there is only a wall white they can glimpse a speck. If you look into infinity, you may be trying to identify a smell that reaches you from afar. What is clear is that it is one thing or another is a moment of absolute concentration for the dog and he will not like to be distracted. The mystery is over.

Although now you have an idea of ​​the meaning of their looks, just spending time with them and taking care of them as they deserve will make the connection between the two of them absolute and you can understand, for yourself, what they tell you with each look.