These are the most expensive neighborhoods in Spain

As the economic crisis of 2008 is being left behind, they are also experiencing a rise in prices per square meter in purchase and rent in the big cities of our country. The good tourist figures in Spain and the exploitation, more and more often, of tourist flats, has only made many neighborhoods in our geography more expensive more quickly. We see which are the most expensive neighborhoods in Spain.

Salamanca neighborhood, Madrid

Known for being one of the most luxurious and expensive areas in all of Spain, the Madrid neighborhood has reached 3,756 euros per square meter, making it the most expensive in the entire country. When it comes to renting, the homes in this neighborhood are also the ones with the highest average cost, reaching 2,151 euros. In the Salamanca district we can find from embassies to the third most expensive street in the entire national territory, Calle Serrano, which is also known for hosting a multitude of boutiques deluxe.

Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

The westernmost neighborhood of the Catalan capital is also the one with the highest price per square meter, 3,733 euros. This one too it is the neighborhood with the second highest income per capita in Barcelona, and traditionally it has been inhabited by the most bourgeois part of the city. 2,021 euros is the average of what a monthly rent costs in this district of Barcelona.

Tibidabo and Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, both in the Sarrià Sant Gervasi district of Barcelona (BigStock)

Abando, Bilbao

District number 6 of the administrative divisions of the Biscayan capital corresponds to Abando, the central neighborhood of the city that at 3,447 euros per square meter is the third most expensive in Spain. It was an old municipality of Vizcaya and also a parish church, and in 1870 it was annexed by the city of Bilbao.

Square in the Abando district in Bilbao (BigStock)

Nervión, Seville

This district of the Andalusian capital It is the fourth most expensive in the country with an average of 2,400 euros per square meter. It is also one of the highest per capita income in the city of Seville and is located in the eastern part of the historic center of the city, with which it borders, as it does on its north face with the district of San Pablo- Santa Justa, by the east with Cerro-Amate, by the south with the Sur district.

Meliá Lebreros in the Nervión district in Seville (Meliá Hotels)

Pla del Real, Valencia

The fifth most expensive neighborhood in the country is the most expensive in the capital of Turia, which reaches 2,340 euros per square meter. With a population of just over 30,000 inhabitants, this district borders Ciutat Vella, the historic center of the city.

Gardens in Pla del Real in Valencia