These are the best tips for ironing jeans

Gone is the popular belief that jeans are not ironed. Being a very versatile garment that abounds in our closet and that we usually put in the washing machine frequently, it does not hurt to go through the iron so that they are impeccable. So, we tell you the best tricks so that they are always perfect. And, nobody likes to wear wrinkled pants, with damaged hems.

The main advantage is that it is a very easy garment to iron, unlike others such as more formal shirts or suit pants that have a stripe on the leg. In just five minutes we will leave our jeans as new and ready to wear. To do this, prepare the iron in advance, as well as the corresponding table. The latter will help us to do it more comfortably and safely than if we do it on another surface, no matter how flat it may be.

Denim is very resistant, so it will withstand a high iron temperature. In this way, wrinkles will disappear in a matter of seconds after several passes with the iron. For those more stubborn surfaces, use steam to do it faster and with a flawless finish.

When we are faced with the box of the pants, it is best that you place it on the rounded part of the ironing board and pass the iron over it. Next, iron the front pockets and go around until you reach the back of the jean.

At all times be careful with the metallic appliqués next to the pockets as decorative elements. Be careful to surround them with the tip of the iron, but without placing the sole of the iron on them. The same if we have other types of accessories scattered throughout the rest of the pants.

How do you iron the leg of jeans?

As we have commented before, being a style of pants that does not have a stripe, the cowboy leg can be placed directly on the board and ironed. Finally, check the bottom of the pants, which is usually the area that wrinkles the most. In this lower part we can pass the iron decisively without fear that the fabric will spoil.