These are the best brands of pans according to the OCU

Choose one good skillet Adjusting to our needs is not as simple a task as it may first seem. When we go to a hypermarket, a specialized store or when we look for it in a store on-line, we find a such a large offer that doubts may arise at the time of acquiring one. Whether due to its materials, its size and, of course, its price, we do not always choose the one that suits us best and we end up using a pan with which we do not cook at ease.

Well, aware of this, in the Organization of consumers and users (OCU) have not only analyzed what are the characteristics that we must take into account when choosing a frying pan, but they have also made a comparative to find out which are the best on the market.

Parts of a frying pan

The first thing to consider is the different parts of the pan and, obviously, the size we want it to be. The most normal are those of 24 centimeters in diameter, but there are of all sizes and of course. In this case, the option is the responsibility of each consumer, as well as in the form and substance. For example, there are pans with a greater depth that are very useful when making potato omelette, to give just one example.

These are the best brands of pans according to the OCU

In the OCU they point out the importance of weighing well if the frying pan we choose has proper weight and handling. “When we go to the store to buy a frying pan, it is best to lift it by the handle, manipulate it and move it from one side to another to see if it is well balanced and if there is a risk of spilling its contents. If it is too heavy, it may not be practical, but if it is too light, it may be less stable. So we must seek balance and bet on one that we handle comfortably and is comfortable in our hands «, they explain.

  • Mango. It must be heat resistant and long enough not to burn us. We have to check that it is well attached to the body of the pan so that there are no problems when cooking.
  • Base. In this case we have to verify that it is completely flat, in order to make better use of the heat that comes from the glass ceramic or from the stove. In fact, the aluminum layer at the bottom has to be good enough so that heat is distributed all over the surface.

Skillet Materials

If a few decades ago there were fewer options when choosing a frying pan, now things have changed and they are used very diverse materials. Each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. From the OCU, they point out the following:

  • Teflon. It is a very popular material as it is lightweight and easy to clean. In addition, it offers «the best non-stick, but to maintain its properties as long as possible it is necessary to avoid abrasion and excessively high temperatures».
  • Stone. This material maintains the temperature and has good non-stick properties.
  • Ceramics. Withstand higher temperatures during cooking. Of course, its non-stick is worse and deteriorates more quickly.
  • Cast iron. It retains and conducts heat in an outstanding way, but it is not non-stick, so to alleviate this «defect» it usually includes an enamel. In addition, its weight is higher.
  • Stainless steel. This material provides more robust pans but only for very experienced and highly-used people (professionals).

These are the most common materials for pans. However, «look at the labeling and see if it adapts to your kitchen fires: gas, glass-ceramic or induction», they add from the OCU.

The five best pans

Below we list the top five products that this organization has analyzed in its latest comparison:

TEFAL Talent Pro Skillet

It is the best of those analyzed. Your score is 71, which classifies it as «very good.» Other characteristics of the model is a weight of 952 grams and a diameter of 26 cm. The coating material is Teflon and the sale price of 27.94 euros.

TEFAL Talent Pro pans

TEFAL Expertise frying pan

The second in the ranking is from the same brand and gets 71 points («very good»). Regarding the other characteristics, its weight is 977 grams, the diameter of 26 centimeters and the Teflon material. The reference price is 24.50 euros.

TEFAL Expertise pans

TAURUS Rock Stone frying pan

The 69 points of this frying pan they take it to the third position of the OCU ranking. Weight 914 grams and its diameter is 26 centimeters, like the previous ones. The covering material has a “stone look” and its price amounts to 17.52 euros.

TAURUS Rock Stone pans

IBILI Natura frying pan

The fourth best frying pan is this 25 centimeters in diameter that he has achieved 68 points in qualification. The weight is 864 grams and, like the previous one, the coating has a stone appearance. Its price is 12.40 euros.

IBILI Natura pans

KUHN RIKON Gourmet star frying pan

The fifth best model analyzed by the organization is this one 1.045 grams weight and 26 centimeters in diameter. Its material is Teflon and its price amounts to 31.97 euros. The final score is also 68.

KUHN RIKON Gourmet star pans