These are the best barber shops you can find in Madrid

The grooming of the beard requires a special skill that sometimes is not easy to maintain over time, if this art is not good. For this there are specialized premises in this characteristic element of man, in addition to having other hairdressing services. In Madrid we can find a wide variety of barbershops. Some have emerged in recent years, and he has been able to set up a network of franchises, but others are from the early twentieth century. In short, there is something for everyone. These are some of them.

Vallejo Hair Salon

The Barber Shop Vallejo It is one of the emblems of the capital. It was founded by Basilio Vallejo Abad in 1908. Located on Calle Santa Isabel, since then it has been used by travelers coming from Atocha. He had among his clientele such illustrious figures as Ramón y Cajal and Gregorio Marañón. In addition to offering the traditional haircut, among their services they have the option of beard profiling, but they also fix it with scissors or a razor. If you choose the scissors, the classic method is used and includes an application of aloe balm and a hot towel.

Vallejo hairdresser madrid
Vallejo Hairdressing

Barbers Crew

This barbershop (@barberscrew) is found in the heart of Madrid, in the Malasaña neighborhood. They ensure that their priority is the clients and therefore before making any cut or arrangement they adjust to the aesthetic habits of each person. That is why they will ask you what utensils you normally use, how much time you spend caring for your beard, if the style you wear is the most appropriate according to your face or even type of work. They take into account all the details. They have different beard arrangement options including, if we wish, a touch of color to show an innovative and different style.

Barbers Crew
Barbers Crew

Evil plant

With the motto that reads under his name «Cuts and fine shaves», Malayerba (@la_malayerba) is a classic of this sector in Madrid also located in the Malasaña neighborhood. The name is a tribute to the innkeeper nicknamed Malayerba that appears in the chapter of the National Episodes by Benito Pérez Galdós in which he narrates the popular uprising of May 2.

In this space the bib has a prominent role, how could it be otherwise. The classic and the modern go hand in hand, so that on the one hand combine the classic shaving rituals and cuts, with the current techniques and products.

Evil plant
Malayerba Barbershop

The Barber’s Shop

This store concept specialized in beards It is the work of Isma Barber, son of a hairdresser-barber and mother artist, which inevitably caused him to receive influences from one side and the other and that in the end art was breathed in his establishment. At the age of 11, he already made his first cut unsupervised so it cannot be said that Isma lacks experience in this field.

The result is this concept that emerged in 2008 with a very purist idea of ​​what a hairdresser-barber shop has to be, with two cutting chairs and an aesthetic cabin and massages. Thus, together with the traditional services that these places have, The Barber’s Shop (@BarbersShopES) is a place where exhibitions, concerts, monologues and micro-plays take place.

The Barbers Shop TveoTsigo Interiores Madrid 01
The Barber’s Shop (Jorge Álvaro Manzano)

Damn bastards

Original name for this chain of establishments dedicated to beards and hair. They have since classic razor cut, like shaving, even dyeing the beard and fixing it, among others. They constitute a different concept aimed at men with a ‘bastard’ touch, demanding and who seek above all a personalized treatment. In Madrid they have for the moment four premises in different locations.

damn bastards
Damn bastards

The Kinze of Cuchilleros

The Kinze opened its doors in 1900 and at the head of the business was Eladio Gurumeta. Being a traditional barbershop, it lacked a commercial name and in the end it was named after the street where it is located. Its traditional decoration stands out where you can look at photos and souvenirs hanging on your walls or the armchair that is exposed in the door and that remembers how were the barber shops of yesteryear. In addition to different kinds of cuts, it has a specialized service for beard care.

The kinze of Cuchilleros


Chester it’s found in the area of ​​the Pilar and Peñagrande neighborhood, very close to La Vaguada, on Serna del Monte street. They are classified as specialists in the cutting and care of the beard and hair. They have offers from Monday to Friday, and special prices for children and over 65s.

chester barbershop
Chester Barbershop


In this center they have specialized in the tastes of men and their needs, therefore they are considered a «barber shop for bearded men». They use traditional techniques and use hot towels when shaving. They also sell exclusive products for men’s care with their own fragrance and one hundred percent natural. They have a total of four spaces throughout Madrid. On Bearbero they take care of the decoration, the music and the smell, all of them elements that give the environment a retro and cozy air.