The weirdest prohibitions in the city of Valencia: You cannot run through the pedestrian areas

The municipal ordinances are the set of administrative norms, generally lower than the rank of law, that establish the municipalities for regulate life in a municipality. Among them can be found from rules around public roads, others focused on safety, culture, circulation and even hygiene, or certain behaviors in the spaces that are shared with the rest of the neighbors and visitors. Being local in nature, decrees are discovered from time to time in some consistories that draw attention to strange or anachronistic.

Focusing particularly on Valencia, the third most inhabited city in our country and which has numerous tourist and cultural charms, as well as a privileged climate, curious examples of this type of statute can be found in the ordinances of the capital of Turia, among which some particularly striking arrangements are hidden. We review them.

No running in pedestrian areas

It is at least paradoxical than in one of the so-called Spanish capitals of the running there is a municipal ordinance that prohibits running or jumping on sidewalks and other pedestrian areas. Valencia is, due to its orography and its climate during almost the whole year, one of the Spanish municipalities that concentrates more runners on public pedestrian streets, even its marathon is quite well known in Spain by fans of this sport. Luckily, the respective city councils of the Valencian capital do not follow these regulations to the letter, since doing so would lead to a significant daily collection in the form of fines.

On March 20, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia will be permanently open to pedestrians

Do not feed dogs

Another most striking rule is that strictly prohibits feeding abandoned cats and dogs, which seems evident that it was urged in another era very different from the current one, in which sensitivity towards animals has grown enormously throughout the population. Therefore, if we strictly comply with this ordinance, every time we see an abandoned dog or kitten in Valencia, we would have to leave it to its own devices and not be able to feed it, not even with water. Fortunately and despite the rule, we could do it without fear of being sanctioned.

In this case, it is also important to mention that if we find ourselves in any city with an abandoned dog or cat, it is best to call one animal shelter, a shelter or the same local police, which will be in charge of contacting these organizations.

You can’t scream in the city

This is established by another of its ordinances, which speaks that they are not considered tolerable neighborhood activities yelling, yelling, or using an excessively loud tone of the human voice or other devices liable to produce noise. However, the most curious thing is that we are talking about a city that constantly shows off its link with the pyrotechnics shows and the noise it produces. Although it is obviously understood that it is a rule focused on the neighborhood, the emphasis on screams and the human voice is peculiar in a city that often has a noise pollution important due to your customs.

Do you know the Barrio del Carmen in Valencia?  (Big stock)

Shaking the carpet from the balcony is prohibited

It is a classic in the cities of half the world. The person who while cleaning his home takes the carpet out the window of the house or the balcony and shakes it to remove the dust. Well, this practice in Valencia is strictly prohibited. And not just the carpets, the ordinance speaks of garments or rugs from windows, balconies and terraces. So, not knowing if the City Council is especially restrictive on this issue, in theory we should dispense with carrying out this iconic image of urban life.

You can’t wash your car on the street either

Although it is a practice that has been falling into disuse in cities over the years, due to the ease of doing it at gas stations with car washes, it is no less true that many people are still seen in neighborhoods and urbanizations take advantage of Saturday or Sunday mornings to wash your car in the middle of the street. According to this rule of the Valencian City Council, this is a practice that is prohibited, although as in previous cases, we do not know how rigorously the Local Police of the city carry out this prohibition.

Fine if the urine is not cleaned from the dog in the street

The last ordinance that has attracted attention in a certain way has been this, arrived in September of last year and that speaks of the obligation for the citizen of also clean the urine of your pets when they do it on public roads. It is known by all and the one that talks about collecting feces is applied in a general way, but the Valencia City Council wants to go further declares war also on the urine of dogs and other animals. Now, apart from the leash and bags, dog owners will have to carry a small bottle of water with them to dissolve their urine to avoid the stipulated 50 euros of fine.