The uses of vinegar for cleaning the home

Vinegar, that essential element for the dressing of our salads, to preserve food or as a base for delicious sauces. But, did you know that, in addition to its use in the kitchen for multiple recipes, it can make cleaning our home easier? And it is that its qualities make it used as a natural, home and economic remedy to clean our house.

This liquid contains acetic acid in its composition –mainly responsible for its taste and smell– which is useful in this regard due to its high disinfectant and antibacterial power.

Bring back the shine to your windows with vinegar

The arduous task of cleaning the windows in the house can be ruined if, when finished, we continue to see stains and not a trace of shine on those crystals. Therefore, vinegar can help clean them. The trick is to mix one part of this product with five parts of lukewarm water. Help yourself with newspaper to be impeccable.

The use of vinegar restores the shine to your crystals (bigstock)

If you have animals at home, vinegar is an ally when it comes to eliminating the annoying odors of dog and cat urine and preventing them from relieving themselves where they shouldn’t. Check how, after spraying that area with this ingredient, that smell will disappear and your pet will not get dirty again. The same for the pipe jams. In this case, the magic formula is to pour a quarter of baking soda into that pipe. Next, pour in half a cup of white vinegar and let the solution work for 20-30 minutes. Finally, and to clean the remains, add a pot of boiling water.

For the stench of the dishwasher, put a glass of this product in the bottom, not in the soap dispenser, and run it for a short wash cycle without putting any type of dishes inside.

Effective remedy against lime and fat

With continued use and without frequent cleaning, the faucets in our bathroom may appear lime residue that can be easily removed. In a container, mix vinegar and water and rub those areas with a sponge soaked in this liquid.

The same formula for the inside of the oven and remove the grease that collects on grates and walls; as well as for microwaves. In the latter case, put a cup of vinegar and heat it for a few minutes. Then remove it, wipe it off, and you’re done.