The steps you have to take if you want to cancel a train ticket

The train is one of the most comfortable means of transport to travel. Many people choose it for this reason, because it does not require as much waiting time as in the case of airplanes and because generally offers cheaper rates. As in most trips, buying tickets in advance or at the time when offers arise, can represent significant savings. Now, both because we are ahead of time or because a problem has arisen that prevents us from traveling, it is important to know how can we cancel our ticket and what conditions this type of operation has.

Look at promotions

The first thing to consider before buying a ticket is if it is subject to a special promotion. If so, you should know that the general conditions usually present changes, so you will have to read carefully what implications it entails. In the same way, we must take into account where we have purchased the ticket, if directly from the railway company, in the case of Spain, Renfe (@Renfe), or through a travel agency, a website that offers this type of service, and so on. Regardless of the place chosen to make your purchase you always have to take into account the previous indications.

In general, tickets can be canceled unless some kind of limitation has been placed in this regard due to the conditions of the fare. If there is no clause to the contrary, the cancellation period corresponds to the validity of the ticket. Each sales channel establishes certain terms and periods for this measure.

In the case of Renfe, and in general lines Cancellation expenses imply a 15% deduction on the price of the same, regardless of what is charged for the management. However, some banknotes, generally those with some type of discount, tend to be subject to more restrictive regulations and the percentages applied are higher.

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Ways to override it

There are several ways to cancel train tickets. Everything will depend on where and how we have acquired them. If it has been online, it is most likely that we can do this through the website itself or by phone. The same thing happens with a travel agency, although in this case we can go physically. The same happens with Renfe, where cancellations can be made at the stations of origin, but they have to be Come with enough time in advance to allow you to carry out the procedures in time, at least up to five minutes before the departure of the train. In the rest of the places, it is usually indicated what period we have to do this procedure, although it is most likely that they do not offer that much margin.

Renfe also allows cancel tickets issued by travel agencies that have been paid for in cash, but they are not reintegrated at the moment. In these cases, a proof of cancellation is delivered so that within a maximum period of 90 days the corresponding refund can be claimed at the issuing agency.

In the case of the internet, it is necessary make the cancellation at least 15 minutes before the train departure time at the station of origin. Although this period may vary depending on the agency on-line. In this case, cancellation fees are incurred from two hours after purchase. However, this process is also allowed to be carried out physically at the station from which the train leaves, at the ticket offices and up to five minutes before the indicated departure time.

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Telephone and online agencies

It is also possible to do this type of operation over the phone in some cases. Specifically, Renfe allows it if the acquisition it has been made with a bank card or with a charge to loyalty card points, regardless of the sales channel that has been used except for those that have been purchased through agencies on-line. Everything has to be done within the validity period of the ticket and up to 30 minutes before of the train departure time.

In the case of agencies on-line It is important to see the conditions that they have stipulated, but generally they can be canceled in these without problems. In the 24 hours after the purchase of the ticket, no charges are usually made, but after this period, the cost that will be applied for canceling it must be indicated.

Cancellations can also be made at travel agencies up to five minutes before. In the event that we have purchased it through a tour operator, the always in the same travel agency in which the tour package was purchased.

Regarding refunds, Renfe does not allow them on Promo tickets; in the Promo +, they involve expenses of 30% of the amount; the flexible ones, suppose a deduction of 5% on the amount of the return, for management expenses; and the Mesa fare is associated with 50% of expenses on the ticket price.