The solution for purple nails caused by a bump

A silly blow, a misstep, a stumble … can cause a purple nail on our feet. And the same can happen when a hand is caught with the door. When it is clear that these have been the causes that justify the bruise and that this evidence is not due to another pathology and that it has been caused by mild trauma or subungual hematoma, the unpleasant dark color will fade and the problem will resolve itself.

Why does it change color

The nail turns purple or slightly dark after a hit because it causes a breakage of blood vessels and blood pooling. The most frequent reasons for this situation are when with the door or window, which is the most common, but also an object falls on the foot or we catch our hand It arises from inappropriate footwear that is too narrow in the front area or when practicing certain sports in which the toenail rubs against the shoes in the front part, such as when running, in football, etc.

Once the hit occurs, the pain can be very severe and uncomfortable. The area may be inflamed at first. The first thing you have to do is remove the rings that you have in your hand, calmly and using soap if necessary.

To calm her, both in the foot and in the hand, you can put ice on and so the inflammation will lower. You will have to notice that the nail has not been broken. Then wash any minor cuts or scrapes well with soap and water.

How to take care of purple nails from a bump

If the pain is severe

If we see that the pain persists, the best we can do is go to the doctor, because it can be a more serious injury. If the hematoma still shows liquid, a fenestration is performed in the nail with the trauma. It does a hole in the nail plate in order to practice a drain, which relieves pressure and pain. Sometimes it will be necessary to remove the nail to repair the nail bed.

To calm the pain, you can take painkillers, and for inflammation, we will have to continue applying ice, at least every two hours the first day, and then between three and four times a day. Sometimes it is necessary to apply an antibiotic cream.