The simplest, fastest and most infallible trick to open a beer without using an opener

Raise your hand who has not suffered this problem at some time: We’re going to open a bottle of cerceza and we can’t get an opener, neither at home, nor in the field, nor on the beach … wherever we are, the openers are conspicuous by their absence.

Blossom’s account (@BlossomHacks), a page of tricks To carry out original DIY projects and solutions for small problems in daily life, it gives us the definitive trick to remove the plate from a bottle without an opener, we only need a knife. Check it out from second 13 of this video.

The trick is very simple and as fast as effective. These are the four steps to follow:

– Two or three small blows to the body of the bottle.

– Repeat the operation on the neck of the closed bottle.

– Do the same on body and neck again.

– Push the plate underneath a little with the knife and enjoy the fresh beer.

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That simple.