The simple trick to know if a gas station is next to the highway or in a town

We have all refueled hundreds, thousands of times on the road. And we have all suffered on more than one occasion the experience that Following the sign of the service station we have found that it does not appear next to the highway but in the town closer sometimes to three or four kilometers and sometimes to 10 or 15 with the consequent delay caused by the detour.

But there is a trick to know how to differentiate the signs that indicate the gas stations at the foot of the road and those that divert us to the nearest town. It is only necessary take a good look at the poster Or, better yet, let the co-pilot do it so that the driver does not take his attention off the road even for a second.

Gas station sign

The distance to the detour

The important thing is to realize that the signs that indicate the next exit to a gas station also indicate the distance at which we will find the detour for that service station. The trick is to know that if the distance marked to the detour is 500 or 1,000 meters our goal will appear next to the highway.

In the event that the indicated distance up to the detour is 250 or 750 meters, the usual thing is that to be able to refuel at that gas station we must take a secondary road until you get to it.

Fuel station.  Photo: Europa Press

It is also convenient to look at the colors

The system has published it in Twitter thanks to an entry on the page Forumcoches and it’s already going viral.

But, in any case, this is not the only possible detection system. There is another based on the color of the signs. Thus, blue will always indicate highway or highway, the green refer to pathways lower category and the white to roads provincial, county or local.