The secret so that mayonnaise is not cut

You are busy in the kitchen preparing a Russian salad to surprise the family and you prepare to prepare a delicious Mayonnaise homemade. So that you can fully enjoy the flavor and do not spoil this preparation, we will tell you the three steps you must follow to make one Mayonnaise in a simple, fast and non-cutting way. Take note.

Mayonnaise is one of the most traditional and mythical recipes in our kitchens. The wide variety of mayonnaise that we can find in the supermarket makes it difficult for us to invest time, ingredients and effort in making a good homemade mayonnaise. Although, in this trend that is increasingly looking for more natural dishes and recipes, a homemade mayonnaise recipe is sure to triumph.

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Very simple ingredients

Mayonnaise has four simple and easy ingredients and these are: the egg, the oil, a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of salt. To make this recipe it is as simple as mixing all those foods and shaking them. Although the process of simple nothing, since it is not difficult for the mayonnaise to cut and end up in the garbage can.

The reasons The reasons why mayonnaise is usually cut is because either excess oil is added or we beat the ingredients too quickly and with too much power. So the first advice is patience to avoid unforeseen events that make us fail.

Another reason is because the egg is very old, so the way to avoid it is to make sure we are using an egg that is as fresh as possible.

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The second thing we have to take into account is to monitor the temperature of all ingredients. It is important that all, oil, egg and lemon juice, have a similar temperature, so it is best to leave them at room temperature for a long time before starting to prepare the mayonnaise.

The other aspect that we have to take into account is the power at which we beat the mayonnaise. Putting the mixer on maximum power is a mistake. When starting to make the mayonnaise, we rest the mixer on the bottom of the glass and begin to beat at medium speed without moving the mixer until we see that all the ingredients have been completely mixed and the mixture begins to whiten. At that moment we go up to turbo speed and we add oil little by little while we move the mixer up and down slowly until it has the texture we are looking for.