The reason why you shouldn’t put a tupperware in the dishwasher

How many times a year do you tidy up the cupboard or tuppers so that it is not chaos? And of all of them, how many times have you wondered why the lids stop fitting with their containers? It is not that someone has changed them or that you have lost them, the answer It’s the heat.

Surely many times you have thought that remove that tomato color or that fat that it seems impossible to make disappear from your lids only has a remedy if we introduce it in the dishwasher And, to a certain extent, it is so, it is the most effective and simple. However, very hot water or the drying process can melt or modify these containers, deforming the lids and plastic lids and causing them to stop hermetically closing on numerous occasions, thus causing a cabinet full of lids and lunch boxes that do not fit.

Therefore, we advise you that if it is necessary to wash them in the dishwasher, put them in the top shelf, since the wash is gentler.

That's why you shouldn't put a container in the dishwasher

Today, more and more companies are making microwave and dishwasher safe lids. It is important that you check the bottom of these containers before use to know their characteristics and where it is specified whether or not it is suitable for these types of appliances. According to European regulations, a series of symbols must appear that explain what uses it is intended for, such as a glass and a fork if it serves to contain food, some zigzag lines if it can be inserted in the microwave, a plate with rain if it is suitable for the dishwasher or a snowflake if it works for the freezer.

In addition to its deformation, if we use a container that is not suitable in any of these conditions, it could happen that plastic contaminating particles such as Bisphenol A migrate to the food, so it is important to take this into account.

More than 70 years with us

From year 1947 we use what we know today as tapers, a plastic container to transport or store food. Since then, it has become an indispensable element in every kitchen and with an increasingly widespread use. According to the latest report from the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Prepared Dishes (Asefapre), 86% of Spaniards who eat at work or in the vicinity take a container.

If that is your case, do not forget to check its use and when in doubt, it is always preferable to renew our cupboard or opt for glass ones.