The olive oil trick for earache

Although many people recommend using olive oil for ear problems, the question is whether this antidote really works. First of all, we must be clear that the wax that is generated in our ears is a substance that helps to hydrate and at the same time protect the ears from external agents and infections. In addition, it also helps remove dirt and dead skin cells from our ears. So you can tell that the ear is capable of cleaning itself, and the earwax plays an essential role in this process.

Knowing that removing excess wax is not a medical requirement, yes you can use warm olive oil to help to break up earwax what has hardened and got stuck in the ear canal, being a safe alternative to cotton buds, since these can push the earwax towards the eardrum and consequently damage it. Now, although it is unlikely to cause harm, there is also no research to show that this remedy is effective.

The study carried out in 2013 titled Does olive oil prevent the accumulation of earwax ?, An experimental study, ensures that the olive oil does not help the wax to come out naturally. However, what is certain is that, if you apply a few drops of olive oil, the wax is easier to remove, since it loses density, and therefore it is easier to get rid of it. Also, another study called The Safety and Efficacy of Different Earwax Removal Methods: A Systematic Review and an Economic Evaluation suggests that olive oil is more effective than other treatments, but less than triethanolamine polypeptide, used by doctors used to heal the ear.

bigstock The olive oil trick for earache

How to use olive oil to remove wax from our ears?

-Lie on one side to introduce the olive oil, with the affected ear facing upwards. Later, to open the ear canal and help the oil penetrate, pull the top of the ear up and back.

-Drop a couple of small drops of oil In the ear. Some people prefer to use an eyedropper or dip the olive oil into a cotton swab and let the oil drip into the ear.

-Rub gently the skin in front of the ear, near the jaw, to help the oil penetrate the ear canal.

-It is advisable to lie down for a few moments so that the ear absorb oil.