The OCU looks at the best and worst dishwasher brands: which one do you use at home?

Surely you remember a famous dishwasher advertisement that with just one drop of product was capable of leaving hundreds of dishes sparkling. In your case and in that of your family, the safest thing is that you do not need so much waste of dishes, but it is recommended that the kitchen utensils are always clean and in perfect condition, for the sake of your health.

Fortunately, to facilitate the search for the best dishwasher on the market, from the Consumer and User Organization (@consumers) produce their own ranking with the best and worst brands dishwasher, based on aspects as important as its effectiveness against various types of stains, the shine achieved or even its environmental impact. What’s the score?

What is the most effective?

According to the Organization of Consumers and Users, the best detergent to clean your dishes belongs to the Fairy brand, more specifically it is its version Extra Hygiene Eucalyptus, what repeat another year as the most valued, with a total score of 87 out of the 100 possible points awarded to each product.

A detergent (@ProcterGamble) that stands out, in the opinion of the consumer association, for its high surfactant concentration, the components that form the foam and remove fat. A formulation that allows, with just two grams of liquid, to be able to wash up to 66 dishes. However, this product has a downside and it is that it is not very economical, as pointed out by the OCU, due to an average price that exceeds the four euros per liter.

The OCU reviews the best and worst dishwasher brands.  What is the one you use at home?

To the satisfaction of the most devoted of the brand, Fairy also ranks second and third (Fairy Ultra Original and Fairy Active Foam, respectively), both above 80 points, in a top 5 where two other names come in: W5 Ultra concentrated Lidl brand and Frosch Gel Fambruesa, with 82 points. It so happens that these two articles is the first time they appear in the ranking. In addition, the latter has a ecological certificate, a detail to take into account for many consumers.

Both meet the good quality parameters established by said association. Thus, in the case of the detergent from the German supermarket chain (@lidlespana), its strengths lie in that the 500 milliliter pot it only costs 0.79 euros And it does not cause skin irritations or allergic reactions. Something similar to what is observed after analyzing the last dishwasher on the podium, from the also German Werner & Mertz, conglomerate that brings together that brand. In this case, the price is more expensive than the previous one, since the bottle exceeds 2 euros for the same amount.

However, this very favorable analysis is totally contrary to that of the detergent. Ultra Concentrated Lizard, of the eponymous brand, which does not even reach half of the points put into play, is the worst on the list. In his case, the negative aspects are that it hardly generates foam to fight against fat and that use can cause important eye or skin allergies.

The OCU reviews the best and worst dishwasher brands.  What is the one you use at home?

Tips for washing dishes correctly

Once you have selected the best dishwasher for your kitchen, it only remains to know how it is the proper way to wash dishes after each meal, if you do not have or do not have enough space to put this appliance. Some guidelines that will also contribute their bit to protect your health.

If housework they are tedious, hand washing dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots or pans that have been used for food is usually not very attractive. Therefore, for this routine to be more optimal and take less time, it is good that you follow these recommendations to not leave a trace of that dirt and eliminate those bacteria that accumulate in the sink. These are some golden rules you need to know:

  • It is true that many times it is lazy to get up from the table and start washing, but if you do, you will not regret it. On the contrary, if you let the dirty dishes accumulate all afternoon, it will only cause the grease to be is more embedded and it is more difficult to remove it. If it were the case that you couldn’t wash them right away, at least rinse them a little with water and add a few drops of detergent on top.
  • Before using the scrubber, it is good that you remove all the leftovers. Help yourself with a spatula if necessary. This will prevent the pipes from clogging. And if you have a frying pan or a pot that has burned, try leaving it for a few hours with boiling water and salt to soften the dirt.
  • To scrub, it is always best to use the quite hot water. If you can’t stand that temperature, you can wear some gloves which, in addition, will serve to protect your dermis from the chemical components of many of these products.
  • Use a sponge natural fibers instead of a plastic one and replace it when necessary.
  • Be careful when removing soap residues, lest you waste liters and liters of water. Be responsible in this regard. And the same is true when it comes to getting the most out of your dishwasher.
  • Finally, while you finish with all the utensils, you can let them dry on a suitable support for it. But the best is wipe them with a soft cloth to prevent accumulated moisture from being the perfect place for mold or other bacteria to grow.